Behringer Neutron


I think Neutron looks awesome :slight_smile: …And I like Deepmind name too.

You sure it’s actually name “Behringer” you don’t like and that affects your feelings towards anything they do?


300 dollars


That are the typical in/outs for exactly this purpose. I think, making a semi-modular design without this option would be silly and missing an important feature.


If I get one of these, black vinyl over the top panel and write on values with silver paint pen.
Will look nice and at this price I would be ok with it :slight_smile:

Was thinking of the D clone, but this is a bit more interesting for the same $


Yes i am sure. Thanks for the deep thoughts.

Anyways i like this


its cool but they should really hire a graphic designer for the panel art…


I do think it looks quite dated. And not in a cool vintage sort of way.


DivKid in the latest Sonic Talk (522) spends quite a bit of time describing the sound of the Neutron and comparing it to the sound of the Behringer D. Good to know that these two are so different – that you really have two flavors to choose from – or the spread and range you get if you have both, particularly if you modularly mix both – like for instance the Oscillators from the D hooked to the filter on the Neutron. The ST show is all hashed up and long so there is no one time to go to.

Also a little surprise from DivKid – zip out to 56:10 and you’ll see – i won’t spoil it.


Does the Neutron have midi chaining for polyphony like on the Behringer Model D?

It’s called 16-voice Poly Chain on the D.


I think I’m gonna add this to the shopping list, provisionally.

Throw in a multi-output MIDI to CV interface for parameter locking from the Machinedrum / whatever and Bob’s yer uncle. Whoever Bob is.

This will probably sell enough that some enterprising person will come up with different coloured front panels, maybe even Behringer themselves.


Pink would be nice! :rofl:

With midi chaining i could see having a few.


Hot pink or pastel pink?


Good short video experiment with the Neutron by DivKid. Skip in to 1:05 where the video switches to color, that’s where the the full show begins.

I really really like the sound of this synth!

there are a bunch more videos from DivKid on the neutron like this one showing off the BBD. and this called Acid Patch.


Sorry for being such a bore in this forum but …

This sounds so good. This filter combined with this oscillator is pretty special

It’s from the Behringer channel


LOL, no problem.

Does not bore me as much as the Model D clone.


damn I don’t need this … they should call it GAS.


I need this synth, like yesterday! :heart_eyes:


“You can get these sounds from Massive !”
I’ll keep telling myself that to avoid buying this


Nah I was ready to splash 2000$ I don’t have on a Pro-1 the other day so I welcome this 299$ Behringer with all my heart :joy:


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