Behringer Neutron


Now that more info is coming out, I guess maybe the Neutron gets its own thread.

Overview video shows patch panel:

Quote stolen from MW, in turn stolen from GS:

The VCO’s are indeed the legendary 3340’s but amended with new circuitry; however the filter is a complete new design.

We call it the Moffatt filter, named after our design engineer Keith Moffatt from our Manchester Innovation center.
Keith is a very talented and passionate guy who has been experimenting for years with new synth and in particular filter designs. His Moffatt filter is his baby and a great contribution to the many innovative features you will find in the Neutron.

In the upcoming videos we will share with you the story behind the Neutron and especially the wonderful people behind this instrument. We have also invited some great artists to share their sounds and music with you.

I guess you can tell that we’re having a lot of fun:-)


The Behringer synth fx thread

If the sounds of the video are authentic, well, that would be great :smiley:

What are the characteristics of this new “Moffatt” filter … very interested :+1:

If the patch-points are, what they seem to be, it would be even greater. It’s rare that a compact monosynth allows to trigger the gates of the envelopes separately, if I got the “E.GATE 1/2” right. Also it seems possible to modulate the phases of the envelopes. The “SUM” and “S&H” seem to offer even more very interesting options.

Let’s hope it will be built and be affordable.

There is also some speculation about the opportunity to recreate a Prophet 5 or Oberheim Xa. If the story of the CEM 3340/3320 Curtis chips (VCO/VCF) comes true, the doors would be wide open :smiley:


First Behringer synth that i‘m intressted in. Sounds good, looks good and i‘m sure it will be cheap as f*%k. Please more unique Behringer synths and less copy’s!


They have already confirmed OB-Xa clone is in the works:


Great sounds coming from this little beast.


Sounds great! It’s supposed to start hitting the stores in April. I’m guessing it’s going to be like €400-450.


Uli shoud confess that he renamed the Filter Developer to Mo Fat or hired him just because of his name :slight_smile:

I do really look forward to a synth like that… looks funny and affordable and I really cannot dig the behringer is crap paradigma that is often heard… I like their stuff.


I am all over this. It’s hideous looking, but it seems more exciting than the Mother 32. The only thing that might change my mind is that new Pittsburgh Modular semi-modular one.


Apparently $299


If those $299,- come true and the sound is good, it will be a nobrainer :smiley:


I need this one in my life !




I don’t need one. But for this price, if they really can deliver in time and don’t fuck up something elementary, ìm in for it. It’s a no-brainer!

And the demo sound is awesome and I really like the design.
Finally something that’s kind of interesting. I‘m not planning to buy any of the upcoming remakes.


Juno are saying it’s coming 1st of March together with the Obxa and Vc340 :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


this one and the ubXa are no brainer for me



Agreed x1000 :grinning:


shroom found this:

It’s about a listing for the Neutron at Guitar Center, which has since seemed to have disappeared. The price listed was $300. This looks to me like a super price for all you get.

Ditto everyone else on NO BRAINER!

Synthtopia confirms price and says the Neutron ships in April:


Seems pretty amazing for 299. Ugly as sin though. Why? I mean they are looking at the classy mother 32 in Black obviously. The name is a little better than deepmind though. Although i can’t stop thinking of jimmy neutron.


Wow, this is something I have been wanting on a synth:

“Multiple stage analog delay based on BBD (Bucket Brigade Delay) technology”

With the BBD delay, analog overdrive, and external signal processing, for that price this could be cool to own as a guitar effects pedal, lol.


I see a OSC and Filter in and out. Does that mean I can do FM/Filter FM?