Behringer K2

I may be missing something. The MS20m appears to offer much the same as the K2 for three times the price and no warranty. You must really hate Behringer!

Korg are a cool company, it’s a shame they didn’t make the modules more accessible.


you can‘t compare some dull behringer equipment with the actual Synth run.

This stuff is best in build quality and failure rate right now.

and i think the K2 is the best MS20 ever made.

it’s Time to compare the K2 with your old ms 20 and I guess if you unwrap the K2 and Plug it in you gonna sell the old one!

Korg and Roland should have come up with these but they missed the opportunity and behringer rolls out on highest level.


I haven’t read the entire thread but I assume at this point it’s back to ‘ evil cheap behringer gear ‘ again ?

Like all the other threads.

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Hmm, It wasn’t(isn’t) until that reflection, and it’s all the better for that imho

It sorta makes me chuckle that they have had to rename it K2 from K20 whilst still retaining the exact circuit/panel topography of the original synth - or having to reverse the trigs’ colours on the ‘808’ - it’s like the bizarre situation whereby guitar manufacturers can (and do) make strat/tele/etc clones with the sole exception of the headstock

same deal with pedals, probably half of all pedals are essentially near clones of the classics

Korg have had a good shot at their market over the last 6/7 years, but there will be folk for whom this entry point is the only option - sure it seems like it’s plagiarism, but honestly, is anyone channeling this scorn at boutique pedal manufacturers who repackage the classics - it’s two identical sides of one coin in my book

I picked up their Boss DM-2 clone (the delightfully named VD400 vintage delay) for my Korg MS20 Mini (and Fender Tele) and i have no remorse, it’s cheap and cheap made, but sounds terrific - i wasn’t in the market to spend more

If i didn’t have the Korg ‘clone’ i’d have been eyeing this longingly - still i do like to have the all in one chassis - it’s so iconic even at 3/4 size


Why oh why didn’t Behringer use conventional CV V/Oct?


Has this been confirmed either way?

In all fairness it’s not even out yet


I was wrong :frowning: (via Facebook)

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Weird that even Behringer, the manufacturer, is disappointed it’s Hz/V!

no that’s someone reacting haha

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If there was ever any doubt that Behringer is brazenly ripping off designs, it’s betrayed here by the fact that they can’t even be bothered to reengineer the MS-20 enough to at least be compatible with modern voltage specs. No thought required, just monkey-see-monkey-do.

They can’t even hide their own discontent… Too funny.



That’s someone else with the angry react, not Behringer.

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true. but I guess the quality is like the boog and Neutron and this leads to this statement.

i prefer metal shafts over all plastic shafts with a tight fit and no wobbling. Korg has done the plastic shaft thing with no additional area to screw them to the faceplate, behringer does. :fire: metal shafts and strong turnarounds

Fair enough. Like I said I haven’t actually used a Boog or Neutron but I’ve only heard good things about the build quality. I’m sure the K2 will be similar, but we’ll still have to wait and see.

And I guess not too long…

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I bought a new Korg Prologue 16 this year which would not turn on after two weeks. I returned it and got a Dave Smith Rev2 where the cutoff knob fell of after one month because it was badly soldered to the board without screws on the panel. Bad build quality is an issue with expensive synths these days so the “don´t buy that cheap behringer stuff” does not affect me at all.

Back to topic: I used the original MS20 a lot but it was not my own. I always thought about getting one or the reissue but I still don´t have a MS20. I´ll check the K2 when it´s out and see. The unique sound of the filters and the interesting oscillators and routing methods always draw my interest.

Regarding Hz/V: I am not sure if this is due to lazyness or just because they want the K2 to be compatible to the old units. If you have an SQ10 or MS50 you can get the K2 as an expansion to your system. A switch on the back to select modes would have been awesome. I also would like to know if you can mod the K20 like the MS20.


Well it’'s up for order through Thomann and the price is as you would have guessed. Two to three weeks availability, but i bet this early it is on a limited supply.

It’s also up on the Behringer Tribe page. There is also documentation – the Quickstart Guide has a fair amount of information in it.
Unfortunately i can’t find a spot in either official info source that explicitly says v/oct or hz/v or that indicates the polarity on the trigger. They do say Eurorack and 3.5 mm TS connection, but that’s not really definitive either way, whichever you’d prefer.

Midi is note on/of and pitch bend. There is poly-chaining as we already knew.


In the specifications, CV input for oscillator pitch is listed as 0-8V, leading me to believe that this is a Hz/V system. 0-8V is the mode included with the Korg SQ-1 meant to control the original MS-20 via CV.


I’m so close to pulling the trigger on this… Does Thomann ship to US? Or will I have to wait even longer for shipping?

Also does anyone know what their three year warranty covers? Say I get something wrong with my unit…

If you pay the freight yes. They list $33 shipping for me.

Good question on warranty – the Behringer page says under the asterisk – *Warranty details can be found at but i couldn’t find it right off. I’d look there.