Behringer JAM Sample Groovebox


Interesting… any facts or figures available yet?

Looking at the legends it looks like a sampler/sequencer affair. Not much to indicate the presence of a synth engine? Unless it’s sample based…

Black-Behri Jam!

i’d expect we’ll see lots of ‘tribute’ and ‘homage’ features adopted from other manufacturers.


There was no doubt this would happen!



Looks like another new Akai groovebox.

I wish they would update us on their freeware DAW, though.

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Pads 1-8 are below 9-16, I’m out


I make half-bar techno, this is actually better for me :rofl:


Tell me that wasn’t planned. Day after Live MK II leaks and this drops. At least it doesn’t have a built in speaker. I’m sorry, to be fair, professional monitoring system.


Well, looks like my next sampler could ve a behringer…who would have guessed that?

I read somewhere else that had this photo up that it’s not real

Well, it’s on the official Behringer facebook page. Or do you mean the image is a mockup?

Just like the monopoly video that dropped right after all the Moog Subharmonicon video’s started popping up all over youtube. hehe.


Looking at the button labels this is a MPC one homage/tribute/knockoff.

It will be interesting to see how it develops though, and if once Behringer have your money if they will be bothered to bug fix, update and support a more complicated product than a basic clone. I’m making no assumptions here, just thinking out loud, not that I’d be interested in buying one.


This one will show what they’ve got. As already said, making mono clones isn’t that tough if you’re a novice engineer, but to be able to code an interface that is stable, intuitive, and works free of bugs or crashing is way more difficult and time consuming. I’m interested to see how they do. The app for the Deepmind is a nice feature but fuck me is it difficult to connect using a PC and a bit ugly. That’s the only program I can think of that they’ve put together. The Deepminds UI gets the job done, but again, using it certainly reminds you that you’re using a Behringer product.


They probably did that with a chromatic keyboard in mind, and forgot that it’s okay to have the first row on top. If I’m not mistaken, didnt Maschine start on the bottom and work up when playing back. I vaguely remember watching Chris Liebing using Maschine and thinking it was weird how the sequencer started on the bottom.

They’ve got the X range of digital mixers out there that seem to be popular as well as midi controllers etc and legacy digital gear. If anything the Synth market was the departure from them

Lol guys remember that B has much more complex products than this out, think about their Wing mixer, this is child’s play in comparison.

Also, novice engineers? They employ professional engineers that have a very long history in the audio business. What? I get not liking B but come on, at least speak sensibly.

Daren, if you’re actually interested in knowing how they support a complex digital device after the sale, go read through the change logs for their fancy mixers. I’ve seen some pretty heavy updates adding lots of features and refining interface elements based on user feedback. You don’t need to wait and see.


They would be pretty silly to build this and not share code with the DAW they’re developing, as there’s probably a lot of overlap and potential for code reuse. The team working on the DAW might have finished enough of the code to play and edit samples, loops and sequences so they could build the OS of an MPC-like box, while they keep working on the rest needed for a complete DAW.

They’re on to a DAW too?