Behringer Crave


oh these are gonna sell like pancakes … I just wish they had somebody else doing the demos


I’m having 2 of these at this price lol… smashed it! Sounds and looks fab


I’m all for more tabletop synth modules with sequencers that employ a small button keyboard.


Someone just posted up another video:


Behringer are weird, why release this at the end?
They could of grabbed headlines in the pre NAMM media phase.

This looks to be a nice addition to anyone’s arsenal for the price.

A ton of affordable synth options from this NAMM.


Pretty crazy namm for cheap modular related stuff. For arounf a grand you could buy this, the microfreak (some plaits and cv/clock connectivity), the te 400 and a Volca modular…


Real patchpoints and knobs that dont look/feel like a toy on a sub 200€ semi modular… Korg should take notes on this one


yeah the plastic case and patching looked to be a pain, those cables never stay in either.


jezuz what’s with these demos >_<


totally, hopefully Perfect Circuit have one for Baseck to shred.


Fixed ^^


Yeah weird move announcing late but has a nice impact. Like when your parents would trick you in to thinking you’d opened all your Xmas presents then bust out your main one. Vintage manoeuvre :wink:


Seriously, I’m gonna spend the next week on the phone to various synth manufacturers offering my, admittedly limited, synth mashing skills for as many promo videos as they want to make.
Can’t imagine I would do any worse.


Lesson here for Elektron too. If things are gonna be small, based mostly on existing r&d and aimed at the masses. Make the price reflect it. If the model:samples was around £200 I don’t think anyone would have had a bad word to say about it…

The recent/future pricing strategies of Arturia, Behringer and even Korg to some extent are going to have to make other companies start offering more bang for buck at some point…


Eh… not my cup of tea, but I hate criticizing people especially given I can never seem to finish much more than glorified loops. :laughing::sweat_smile:


Pretty great for the price.

As an irrelevant side note, I’ve always hated the Behringer logo… Looks like a warning symbol or something you’d find at a construction site indicating a hardhat requirement.


Bravo Behringer


So true, apparently it’s meant to be an ear



More demoing…


The actual logo looks far more like a carabiner lol. Their black and white logo is a bit better but still, the yellow one is exceedingly ugly for a music company.

I have a Behringer sticker somewhere… At the bottom of a crate, where it will stay forever.

Back on topic, I’d buy two of these things if I can find both used, surely it’d be one of the best bang-for-the-bucks of 2019.