Behringer Crave


Just watched the first video again. Total QVC shopping channel vibes! ‘It’ssssss CHEAP’… So bad.

Fuqit tho. Probably own one of these at some point.


Well, Hello ! … what a sweety :tangerine:


Semimodular with prophet5 vco and moog filter, fine… but just 150, it’s too good! I think I won’t can resist to buy :slight_smile:


What’s generally the deal with Midi on the behringers? I could modulate this from Euro but wondering how tight this could buddy up with my OT?


The MicroFreak is so … yesterday !

:wink: Both different, but this is very well laid out and all hands on


Down for both. And the new minilogue. Just gotta figure out what to sell :confused:


10/10 would knob-twiddle


Nuts how affordable stuff’s getting. Picturing car boot sales in 20 years. My kids as adults getting stoked on finding Behringers the same way I do now when I find an 80s Casio/Yamaha. Crazy cheap, gonna sell tons…


I think this is the start of where Behringer could get really interesting. Taking all the best bits of the synths they’ve cloned and putting them together in new or interesting ways.

I mean, it’s still a bit naughty, but I like it a lot.


Well it is definitely better to see things like this and the Neutron coming from Behringer’s engineers, saying it is based on “3340 as used in Prophet” and “moog 24db filter” is not really true, it is based on coolaudio 3340 as used in Behringer, DSI and others, and it has a Behringer copy of the moog 24db filter - not a fan of the unnecessary misleading language, Arturia were rightly called out for it over “collabgate” but the difference I think is that Arturia were just being dumbasses, not intentionally misleading.

€149/$199 is great though not surprising price. Still not for me though, but I think it will sell like hotcakes.


Neutron + Crave make for quite nice semimodular combo at a really nice price. You get 3 3340 VCO’s, loads of patch points, sequencer, lots of modulation options, two different filters, delay etc…


Maybe they just meant ‘based on’ like ‘inspired by’? Like ‘this beat was based on an old track I found’? Either way, more instruments in more hands can’t be an entirely bad manifesto :slight_smile:

And companies exploiting each other isnt much worse than companies exploiting customers imho. Which it feels like many of them do to some degree… hard to know where to draw the line if judging this kind of stuff in a moral way :confused:

Edit - just watched the video again, I get what you meant now, he doesn’t say ‘based on’ he implies it has those circuits etc. Yeah foggy area but it is what it is. Everyone knows it isn’t entirely the real deal with the behringer stuff :wink:


Wow, that’s a really pleasant surprise from behringer. Crave is a crap name mind you!

I’ve just spent a fortune on a MacBook Pro but even so, at this price point, it genuinely is super afordable bargain that I’ll be keeping an eye on despite telling myself I need to focus ITB for a bit ha ha


That demo guy had done similar misleading statements on other Behringer videos as well, I don’t get it, everyone knows Behringer/coolaudio basically ripped off Curtis, and that those coolaudio chips are used in Behringer and many other manufacturers products, so why not be upfront about it? The Prophet used Curtis chips not coolaudio and they sound different, so it is not accurate to state Curtis chips are used in the Crave.

I do think that as a whole though Behringers agressive pricing is going to influence other manufacturers, as we are seeing already, and that is a good thing for all :thup:


I like that it’s a module


Yeah agreed, needless misleading ambiguity. Hopefully they’ll straighten up at some point and feel less need to pull those type of stunts. It’s already unnecessary :confused:


Haha, yeah sounds like a chocolate bar :confused: Or the marriage of Crap & Rave. Which is even worse :wink:


How all my musical output is described.


wow, this looks pretty good.
the sounds reminds me a lot of the Moog Mother, wich I’ve only played with a few times though…
love the look too!


Definitely a bit of inspiration from the Mother happening here