Behringer 2600

I’m no expert but I think there might be another 2600 clone on the way.

so cheeky to tease this on the day korg announces their remake lol

any bets on price?


I was curious about all the flashing leds in the teaser at the end, then I found this article:

« Our designers decided to modulate the LED’s for the envelope curve etc. so you can see the actual signal process. Once we have signal going though we’ll do a quick video. »

Sounds quite interesting.


indication of full midi cc control.

not just clones. :100:


Interesting proposition if they do go that route. It’ll be more akin to the deep mind if there’s a layer of digi control rather than their other synths which are direct control with pots and switches. I’m guessing if that’s the case the price will be considerably higher than the clones? They’ll deffo please a few folks if they do tho.

Well, they did announce it and post photos of the pre-production metalwork back in June of last year so it’s not like we didn’t know it was coming…


I dig the panel graphics on the new tease. As much as I like the orange and black that plain white on black looks cool.

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I have only two questions: when and how much?


Sliders and dimmable leds. Im in! Sorry chinas working class🤷‍♂️


He says in the video the production model will be revealed at Superbooth end of April. Should be then or soon after :slight_smile:

My guess on price will be 700-1000 Euros

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Interesting that they even decided to show another prototype. It must be the Korg 2600 that motivated Behringer to announce the 2600 again. Since the Korg is already soldout before it was even listed at the german retailers I am looking forward to the Behringer 2600.

If the Behringer 2600 sounds great … has an up-to-date midi implementation … if it sounds nearly or even very close to the original … and comes with a reasonable price target … it would be great for all of us searching this sound and user interface concept.

In the interview some improvements have been mentioned. Very interesting. I would like to know more about the midi implementation. The midi implementation of the Korg ARP 2600 seems to be very basic.

None of their other analog clones have advanced midi , I suspect this is the same.

A few things tweakable in synth tool , ability to update firmware , basic midi note on / off and velocity. Same midi spec/ hardware that’s used in pro1,neutron, k2,td3 etc.

I predict £500 ish.


Part 2
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i predict 1500 eur

I predict €800

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Surface mount transistors !!!
They are going the extra mile for this to be authentic electronically, and yet affordable.

It’s good to see people like Rob Keebles of AMSynths put out in front with this promotion – i bet this has been “fun” for him to work on.

Those who require the deep midi interface on a 2600 should seek out the various VST/in-box versions of this, some sound very good. I think the point of this hardware is to have something closer to the original in peoples hands.

I can see the Behringer 2600 being used in schools and universities. The 2600 architecture is ideal for learning synth basics. Getting fingers on hardware is ideal for that.

ADDED: There is a wealth of CV access on this, as with the original and the reissue, so that’s the other place to get access to modulation.


This is looking wicked swanky with that thick rack panel, sounds like they are really focused on making this an extremely high quality release in every way. With Korg and their potentially impending 2600 mini we are spoilt for choice. I’m happy to be alive!

damn, that’s one sexxxy arp clone!