Beatmaker 3 app for iPad


I’ve spent a few hours with it, and haven’t touched the manual yet so there might be lots I’ve missed.
So far I only used it standalone, sampling from Nave and Attack.
Sampling is really nice and fast, in the plugin window you have a slider and a button on the left, set the threshold, press the button, play a key et voila, samples and assigned to a pad, now you can sitch pad or sample to a new layer.
Sampler is really deep and you double tap on any parameter to assign it to a modulator, which can be lfo, step sequencer, envelope, random or midi cc.
Sequencing is based on patterns, scenes and songs.
Patterns are, well pattern, Scenes are combinations of patterns and songs are linear sequences of patterns. Haven’t spent too much time on them, but drawing patterns seems to be very fast, and you can open a piano roll for each pad.
Oddly enough, the first time I run BM3, Patterns for Nave and Attack only played monophonically, I only managed to turn them polyphonically by changing an option in the settings menu, might be user error.

Overall I can’t help comparing this £20 app to my MPC Live and feel like the software side of the MPC Live feels a bit clunky in comparison, especially the effects.

Absolutely everything can be mapped to hardware so I guess you might be able to write a full mapping and use Maschine hardware to control this, that would be really interesting…


Hi. Can it record automation from incoming MIDI CC? For example hardware, some standalone PC apps? And then spit it out to a different MIDI CC, ch etc.? How is the editing of these events? I was looking for something like this in ModStep but it never worked quite ok. I was losing stuff constantly and almost lost all hope for iPad to be a part in a stable workflow. Nice description!


Now if only sample management on iOS wasnt such a PITA…


i used it for a short while and it crashed , i clicked a button on the bottom right of the screen (cant remember what it was).
i think i was editing automation for velocity…

it seemed good though , layering was nice.


I haven’t looked into it but I’ve heard there is a file manager coming in iOS 11, hopefully it’s makes life easier for rocking iPads…


This happened with Beatmaker 3 right? Interesting, because the exact same thing caused ModStep to crash.


it couldve been me trying to use a plugin , i know bram bros stuff has been updated since and i’m likely to have been using one of those as i use them a lot.

i’ll try again in a few days.


BM3 looks amazing and keeps getting updates making it more like a DAW. I’m thinking of getting it with an lpd8 wireless maybe. I’m hesitant though because Cubasis 2 is getting better and I already know it well!


BM3 is Crashy AF for me, but when I don’t rely on it as a full daw but rather a loop maker for my OT, it truly shines. You really can make some amazing fresh drum loops with ease and grace with this app. Highly recommended.


I downloaded it, but haven’t really gotten into it. I should really invest a bit of time in it to see what kind of stuff I can feed the DT.


Play around with the rolls pad. You can get some insane high hat fills with dynamic velocities so easy.


I get crashing with BM3. Kind of irritating cause it’s close to greatness, I still think the layout needs a bit of streamlining though. Would be nice if there was just some kind of real midi track, it’s annoying having to put a sample in and turn the gain down to get the pads to send midi, also chord mode doesn’t work over midi for whatever reason. I don’t know if I’m missing something too but is there not a way to just smoothly draw automation? When editing velocities for example it does it by grid and ends up being clunky, it never really clicks where I want it on that. Add these things and it would be solid for me, I feel they’ll probably happen eventually, I don’t get why they aren’t already. must not be so easy


Just downloaded Beatmaker 3 for free in the app store! Not sure how long this will last?


i read somewhere that offer lasts over namm period only


Dammm I’m till in IOS 8 amd it requires IOS 9.


Cool way to have multitrack recording on the ipad for free. Works great with my cheap behringer ufx and cck


Damn shame I didn’t buy this and an ipad before my 2nd Octa. I love my Octa but I make a higher quantity of “fuego” on the ipad compared to the OT. Couldve saved 1400 for now. Oh well. BM3 is fuckin epic and mad slept on.


I’m glad you went for the better iPad!


id suggest the other way around, even though I do use it to feed the Digi or OT at times, I find I can do more with the multitracking in BM3 (more than 8 tracks) etc.


god yes my man! what a wise choice. I love it. Now I wish I got the ipad pro instead haha