Battery Low

can anyone tell me how to replace the internal battery of the machinedrum
with technical specifications and instructions
in the meantime that the electron support responds to my intervention tkt?
thank you

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Any tutorial somewhere?
Thank you very boomp

It’s supposed to be really complicated on the silver boxes and has previously been advised to send in for it to be replaced.

can you say something about the cost of the battery swap?
I mean beside the delivery.

I’m afraid that’s all I know from reading the forum.


thanks for replying anyway :slight_smile:

thank you really very much
what I read around and in the forum is: • CR2450 3V 620 mha lithium perchlorate battery • MD mk2 battery is not soldered • the battery is located on the logic plate at the bottom of the box.
I would like to know if the battery specifications are right • if anyone can confirm points 1 and 2 and if there are any special tools to use. tnx a lot. .a.


Silver Forever.


That’s what I’ve read as well: Panasonic CR2450 3V battery

They don’t seem that difficult to open up. I can’t find any pictures, but I imagine it’s just one of those small clip holders where you slide it in or out, but worst case maybe a cover with a little screw or something to hold it down. Apparently it’s the older revisions that have a soldered in battery unit.

Post some pictures if you can! You’ll be the first on the internet from what I can tell. :wink:

on point 2, re: soldered on, it may depend on the age of the MK2.
I was using a MK2 MM (non + Drive) , still from the plastic, non-rubberized knob era that had a battery go out. The battery was indeed soldered on.

As the MK2 refresh for MD was concurrent with MM, prepare yourself for the possibility that the battery is soldered on. Later MK2s switched away from soldered-on batteries.

Photo from that MM MK2:


Thank you very much AdamJay great ones. Both my MM and MD are +D. Next week i’ll try to discover. Best pics around!

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So at the end of Via Tribunali on the left before arriving on Via Duomo in Naples there is a shop that sells the package of 2 energizers CR2450 on offer at 5.00 €.
Thanks to support of Martin Fred and Simon M this morning.
After unplugging the 6 screws and gently pulling the 10 knobs
You are in front of the user interface board with 12 screws

Simon gave me the specific measurements of the Torx T10.
As suggested by Fred it is advisable to have a magnetic screwdriver as the hardest part can be this even more so when putting it back if you do not have the appropriate tools the user board is connected to the bottom pcb through three pin connections to unplug gently lifting the front starting from the first to the left
At this point you can understand whether to continue or stop if the battery is soldered
I have continued …
I replaced the battery and confirmed the Panasonic CR2450.

I repeated the reverse operations
Thank you all


Thank you for the detailed pics! I’ll probably have to do this within the next year or two on my MD, so this helps out a lot. Looks like a pretty easy swap as long as you have the right torx bit (pretty common these days).


The MD gave me the message after about 5 years.
I suppose because I have been using intensive sampling lately …
I expect the message also from the monomachine shortly after about 7 years
These two machines are so versatile and perfectly integrated into my small setup that for me are irreplaceable.
And I will do my best to keep them at the top of the efficiency.
I hope Elektron support will never forget these two silver jewels.

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Hi, I am waiting to get a Mk ii. The previous owner never replaced the internal lithium battery. Do you know if one can lose all saved patterns and sounds if battery dies? If so, I am considering to replace it even before I get any message of replacement from the machine itself. Thanks for any information and help. [quote=“ach, post:12, topic:46563”]

Hi @LC!
You could always make a sysex dump and all is saved for the future(if you have Tm1 and a pc)
Just to make sure…

Thanks for the advice. I will try to get a TM1.

You are more than welcome!
I dont have deep knowledge in the MD,so im really happy if i can help someone! :slight_smile:
If you have time(10x more literally)or your machine doesnt support the Turbo protocol than you can use most of the midi interfaces as i red online…
But i never tried anything but the Tm1,since it came with my MD
If you have a midi interface already just plug and give it a try.might just work…

No I don’t have any midi interface, only use hardware and a mixer. I have an A4 that happily connects to pc through its USB port when I need backup or data transfer. I will see what will be the best solution once I get to meet my MD. Cheers.

Thanks for this. Just bought a secondhand MD UW+ MKII with low battery status. Even with my total lack of skills, it only took about 10 minutes :grin:

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