Bastl THYME Effects Processor

I like these people, their whole vibe. They take a metaphor and graphically express it in ways that I wouldn’t consider, and yet appreciate. Maybe my favorite part of the video was when KARPLUS STRONG was displayed twice.


GAS to the max right here

It kinda reminds me of the OP-1 performance effects. But they have no use unless your main is the OP-1, and that seems silly. I want this effects box. Put it next to the heat and scramble the beat!

Very cool!

For my favorite though, I always default to:


On the back it actually says robot operated digital tape machine, haha…
Sounds right up my alley, I love robots operating tape machines, I think that’s why I have an OT… :totes:


In explaining LFO automation to a friend once, I referred to LFOs as robot fingers that turn the knobs for you.

It stuck.


expensive, but seems like so much fun.
the delay seems like it might be somewhat T-Resonator-ish, wich I really miss a lot… I sold it to get some money for my Analog Heat

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It’s like a hardware version of CWO on the OP-1! But better! Amazing!


I approve


I’ve been eagerly awaiting this for a couple years now, looking forward to unleashing the bots!

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Definitely going to get one of these. Looking at my Vinyl like it’s time to Purge.

would much prefer a real tape effects machine.

the economical version…


Same here, but it’s lacking robots… I would have to build them… :totes:


The whole sequencing of different fx memories feature… just brilliant.

Well done, Bastl. A robot finger to switch memories like scenes on the Rytm.


Not to mention MIDI notes controlling pitch shifting! What!!!


absolutely hilarious but the Replicator sounds a lot better in the online video previews.

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I’m wondering that the THYME thread is that quiet, isn’t it much in use so far bc of the price or did people find other ways to get similar results?

I’m highly interested in THYME but bc of missing budget I’ll have to deal with what I got so far and will try to recreate some functionality on my OT, what should be not too hard to manage!?

what kind of similar approaches can we rebuild on the OT, given a delay FX, scenes and recorder buffer? :thinking:

I had my eye on a Heat but now I’m seriously looking at the Bastl Thyme.
Any users care to share their opinion?
I’m mainly concerned about durability. Are the pots smooth and not wobbly? Do they seem like they’ll hold up? How do the buttons feel after months of use?
I’m not particularly hard on my gear but when I get grooving I tend to dance/jump around a bit and some of that energy transfers to the knobs/buttons.


i also want a Thyme!

I’ve got Bastl’s MicroGranny and have no complaints about its build quality.

i assume the Thyme is no different and likely feels pretty solid.

@Dataline tours with his, so it must be up to snuff.


Input level knob is wobbly but sturdy. The others are more stiff. Same for the buttons. No worries about solidity ans durability :wink: