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Good idea. I’m more of a game on the radio guy but I’ll have to give your multitasking idea a shot. Who’s your team?

White Sox :slight_smile:


I always liked the Sox. Shoeless joe legacy. Being a northwesterner I’m cursed with being a Mariners fan. “Gonna go watch the M’s lose” has been a common phrase throughout my life. Haha.

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Well your Mariners are looking quite good lately. Above .500 before All Star break, and 7-3 in their last 10 (3 of those wins were against my Sox!)

I always liked the Mariners. KG Jr’s dad played minor league ball in Indianapolis, where I am. And I always loved how Ichiro played as well.

The movie “Eight Men Out” about Joe and the black Sox scandal was filmed here in Indy, at the same park Ken Griffey Sr and Randy Johnson played minor league ball.


Yeah they’re doing pretty well right now but I’m not holding my breath. They might make something of it but usually they end up botching whatever streak they get going.
I got to see kg sr play a couple of times as a kid before he retired and I saw jr play lots of times. His rookie year was amazing.
True about Ichiro too. One of the greats. He hit like a surgeon.
We’ve had a lot of good members over the years. I still think Edgar Martinez was one of the best designated hitters to grace the league and I loved Randy Johnson growing up. And no manager got in umps faces like lou. Haha.
For some reason they always just fall apart when the spotlight shines on them, no matter how well they’ve been doing.
Did you catch any of that 27 hour hell fest between Ms and Sox the other day?

Didn’t know “Eight Men Out” was filmed in Indy. Good movie as I recall though it’s been a while.
I’ve always had a good time in Indianapolis. Played some shows there back in the day.

Most of it, yea. Hendriks is my favorite pitcher (I was so pumped when they got him from Oakland) so that continuation game bomb that Trammell hit in the 9th just about ruined my afternoon :laughing: .

Seattle is in a tough division. But I think if they don’t lose anyone else to injury they have a shot at a wild card spot this year. They’re not out of reach, and I expect the Yankees and Jays to fade a bit. It will probably be a very entertaining wild card race, no matter what.

I need some Dip.

i loved it when he exploded a bird with a pitch…
remember that?
For the record i am neither a fan of the Mariners or baseball as a sport, but THAT was cool…


Dip’s just about outlawed in MLB now. Prohibited in a majority of parks.


I know. All the more reason. Tappin’ the old tin goes hand in hand:)

Orioles. Go ahead and laugh.


Haha. Yeah that Trammell poke was brutal. I can certainly understand Hendriks being a fave. I don’t know what they had to do to get him but I bet it was a good move from his perspective. I lived in Oakland for years and you wouldn’t notice they even had a team if you didn’t look for it.
I hope we do have a good wild card race no matter the result. A close race is always fun.

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Oh wow. I forgot about that but I was watching that game when it happened! Thanks for reminding me!

Pay him money. $54 mil over three years. Oakland is a comparatively cheap team. West coast Rays.

He and his wife seem to love Chicago though. This interview just dropped:

Spot on


I’m a Padres fan living in Houston


How’s that working for you?

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Padres are my #2 team, since White Sox traded Tatis Jr. :sob:
But we got his little brother Elijah, in the farm system, at least. :seedling:

How do you not walk around with an Asterisks shirt all the time? lol