Curious if any other elektronauts are awaiting their axoloti delivery?

(it’s a sort of nord modular/reaktor/max/pd on a board)

Looking forward to partnering it with my elektrons.

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Yes i am waiting for my Axoloti !
I already have a Nord Mod G1 and a Nord G2 key.

I am a digital modular freak :slight_smile:

Lots of ram onboard so its going to be the sh*t for granular weirdness, complex delay and samples mangling. It also has midi modules and sequencer etc.

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Yeah, I can’t wait to get my hands on it. :slight_smile:

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I’m in.

Never heard of this.
Looks really cool. Just having a look at the alpha editor.

Great to hear there are a few others in the elektron paradigm looking to plug this in.

I wonder if the plan is that there will be extra cost for the external SDRAM chip - which, given the great price already, I think would be fair. SDRAM must be fairly cheap.

It is going to be interesting to experiment with, particularly if there might be ways to bridge CV, sysex or midi control with A4/MnM/OT etc. All do-able I’d guess if you put an arduino into your DIY box with the axoloti.

Not me. I was going to grab one, am really curious, but wanting more in/out, and time to dedicate to it. Then he got all his kickstarter target, so good on him, hope he does well with it.

I’ll grab a mk2 or whatever when I have spare time, but in the meantime will be a interested onlooker watching how things progress, it looks like a potential winner.

Incidentally, it would be so amazing to have a board like this that could host the Max runtime.
Maybe one day…

Yes, awaiting mine as well.

I have a NM G2 Engine, that I´m far from making full use of (but it is really fun to use with OT and Fractal Audio AxeFxII).

I just wanted to support him, more than I really needed it. Plus that it will be fun to try to make an enclosure for it…

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It looks really cool, I’ll probably look into getting one in the future for a sampling project I had in mind… ie. a chromatic sampler that resamples without interpolation, just like in tracker software. No need to actually be able to sample, just loading sounds into it and setting loop points and maybe amp/filter envelopes. I’m surprised that there is no compact solution for this on the market, apart from the OP-1, which is a bit overkill for what I want to do!

I have one incoming as well. Just ordered my first pieces of eurorack modular, so I guess there must be some wild audio routing between these two!

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Yeah, I’m itching for a not too ambitious DIY project, so I’m hoping adding a couple of CV ins and outs to my axoloti and making a nice enclosure for it will be a realistic hobby project. Either way, teaming this up with the modular will probably be a lot of fun.

I am waiting for mine too!

Reading a lot this days about Pure Data, Max/MSP,… I want to enter the modular world, software and hardware, to have some fun.

sounding good!

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Would proper wavetable synthesis be possible with Axoloti?

Would save the price of Waldorf :smiley:

Just got mine and so far I’m very impressed. I own the G2 as well and the Axoloti editor is nowhere near as intuitive or fun to use but it’s early days. I also find it frustrating that you need to disable ‘live’ mode to edit objects and then reenable to play. Hopefully they can change that to be more like the G2 editor were it recompiles while you add/delete objects. But these are niggles and the Axoloti has its benefits over the G2 as well. If someone could make an enclosure matching the G2 keys …

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…but looking even better ;]

what don’t you like about the editor?
the changing objects at runtime, is pretty tricky… and potentially would reduce performance (due to compiler optimisations). but never say never :slight_smile:
Id urge you to come over to to express you views/ideas … if you have not already :slight_smile:


Hooray… the mailman brought me new toy… its an axoloti board. shiny thing from belgium. u can use to make your own custom fx-machine or synthy-plaything… should be fun… comes with an editor to create synth patches. which once done. you can run on your board without a computer! :smiley: which is nice… so here it is … glorious video entertainment…


I’ve recently built the music thing control kit, adding buttons , joystick and knobs.
Was my 1st diy project and it actually works !

Now I just need to figure out a patch to do , fx / drum / midi delay maybe ?
The demo patches sound good

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