Autechre MD+MnM sysex files! [+ MPC, Nord]

If someone gets the Machinedrum stuff up and running could they post a quick video of it? Would be really interesting in hearing what those patterns sound like!

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well well well

it’s a good thing I bought a MM just two months ago
Already had the MDUW. This should be fun

Does the sysex for the machinedrum UW contain any sample data normally ?

Quite possibly. It’s slightly bigger than the MM files

Although if it does can’t possibly be much

The MD file is whopping 777 KB in total

Just found this:


I have got mixed feeling.
I love so much this live

that I always expected it could be release one day.

Now I know they will never release it…
On the other side, I got a MD and a MNM so I will be able to learn a lot from them and that’s cool!


They know that their fan love this live and asked a lot for it. I think that they didn’t record it, instead they decided to release the sysex.

ok. But that’s only speculating :slight_smile:

Maybe they talk about it on the watmm thread AAA

but I don’t remmeber

Wow! thanks for the share

That book should be nominated for GOAT thread

Anyone with a MD fancy making a sample set from the sounds ?

That way we could enjoy them with the DT and the AR as well.


How did you get such a great view of the screen and not have it washed out? Did you use some lighting?

Worry not…only they can do what they do with their music. I think the confidence in that was demonstrated by handing out those sysex.

Still, very cool that they would share.

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I don’t get why it gets such a bad rap lol. It’s very utilitarian…It doesn’t sound “gorgeous and lush” but if you just want your machines to sound a little wet and not so dry, it gets the job done for sure.

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true. Some parts remind me a lot of their recent stuff.
You change the bpm on some points in the video… But the original tempos of the patterns are included in the sysex right?

Edit: I guess it was midi slaved in the live gigs…

I’m playing with the sysex myself and unless I’m mistaken (I actually hope I’m wrong) the only way you can save the tempo on the MnM is via the song mode. Otherwise, when you load up a pattern it will just stay whatever tempo you’ve got.

I went to the song mode to see if AE had done anything there, but alas there are no songs. So I’ve no clue what tempo these patterns are supposed to be. Just play around!

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I think in the big ‘WATMM AMA’ they said they never really used song mode except for some of one track on Untilted.

I’m looking forward to digging into these just to see more sound design things. Sometimes reading all of the tips’n’tricks in the world can’t get through my thick dumb brain, but I’ve picked up some good tricks from things like the ‘Nicholas Lem Collection’ soundpack from Elektron even if I never used the patterns or sounds for any of my own stuff.


Me too! I’ve already got some little notes jotted down as I run through the sounds :wink: Reverse engineering is the best way to learn this kind of stuff, I think. Even when I got my first synth (MS2K) the first things I did were go through patches I liked the sound of and just put the knobs where they were supposed to be. The “original value” LED indicator was very helpful. Learned a lot that way.