Audio visualizing standalone hardware?

Ok, google isn’t helping so I am hoping someone here knows what the heck I’m talking about…
I recently saw a video for a (maybe not yet released) audio visualizer. It was a standalone unit.
Lol that’s about all i got.
Looking forward to future shows I would like to get some sort of audio visualizer but I typically run a DAWless synth and sampler setup for live gigs. Up till corona I was using a cheap projector but the setup is less than ideal. If anyone has any suggestions for standalone audio to visual fx boxes it would be appreciated.



F*@king legend. Thank you.

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I don’t know how diy you like to get but it’s easy to build the old classic wobblevision, just don’t touch the wires that can kill you. A friend and I built a projection version once. Pretty neat though the effect is a bit simple. Hypnotic none the less.

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I know this isn’t standalone, but Soundspectrum’s visualisers are simply amazing, allowing a ton of user control input. Check their free demo software out…G-Force and Whitecap were the two I purchased:


Nice… I’ve been looking for something like that. Thanks. Shame it doesn’t seem possible to integrate it with DJ/VJ apps… I think they missed a trick

Yeah that thing is wild!

The closest thing I’ve ever used to this was a laser display that my buddy had in his apartment he would turn on when we used to blast loud music. It would just switch patterns at certain peaks in volume, but it was a lot of fun.

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LZX makes some cool stuff, I had been saving up for the Vidiot but it’s been discontinued. However, this new iteration seems even better!

Here’s LMNC messing around with the Vidiot


Holy heck. That thing is a beast. Maybe too beastly for me… I’m kinda done with learning curves for the time being (a few new pieces of gear have me in ‘master your current gear’ mode) The live set I’m working on is just Mpc One, Polyend tracker and Poly beebo/poly, and I’m enjoying the idea of not hitting the road with too much stuff on my next run. Adding the small Eyesy and maybe getting a smaller projector sounds like the best fit for me right now.
I knew leaning on the Elektronaut knowledge base was my best bet. Thanks y’all.

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