Audio/midi issue (permanent audio signal)


There is something odd happening when I’m using the digitone with Ableton. I want to know if someone has had this problem before.

When I send a sequence from ableton to the digitone it plays and then after a few minutes there is an audio signal coming from the digitone just like if I was pressing a note and never release it. I have no sequence running into the digitone, everything is sent from Ableton…

Any help will be appreciated! Thank you :slight_smile:

Sounds like the release time of one of your tracks is set really high. Does it stop if you double press stop on the device? You might have a midi routing issue otherwise.

I have checked the release time, that’s not it!
It might be a midi routing issue yes. The thing is it’s all working and as soon as I click on another track on Ableton the problem appears, it’s very weird.

Here are the 3 ways I’ve tried to route the digitone into ableton :

  • Midi track with Overbridge Digitone instrument, then separate audio tracks on USB (track 1, track 2, etc.) with “Overbridge” active on the digitone

  • Empty midi channels with a separate audio track to receive signal into ableton

  • External instruments which is not very handy considering you have to duplicate to have differents midi channels

The second one didn’t have issue as the first one or the third one… so i m not sure what’s happening here. It’s too bad because I’m interested in having the separate outs via USB :frowning:

If a note is playing (the note is being held from ableton for example, or from a key/pad press from a midi controller) and you switch tracks, the “note off” midi signal is then never received by the track you are on, and indeed the note will go on indefinitely. Dont switch tracks when a note is being held. I actually use this sometimes to get an infinite drone.

This is very weird actually…It’s whenever I click somewhere on Ableton, it seems like the digitone is receiving a note… I would upload a video

You can see it here…

All I have routed here is :
Midi track with Digitone Overbridge
Audio track for separate USB output

Thank you for all the help really. :slight_smile:

I get the same kinda thing happen with my hardware only setup, where I’m merging midi signals and sending / receiving them different places. In my experience, it’s always some sort of midi error / confusion and requires a reset and maybe some adjustments. So it could be a midi loop somewhere? As in, info is being sent, received and then sent back so that it rejoins and creates a kind of midi feedback loop?

I am starting to suspect this is a bug in overbridge or the digitone VST plugins itself as I experience identical issues. I have tried various different configurations with similar results - Notes stuck "on" when using Digitone VST in FL

This issue is frustrating, and I have not found any reliable solution.

I’ve actually had this issue today, and after trying a ton of things, turning the auto channel off fixed the issue for me.