AS-1 over SE-02? - YES or NO


Ok I’m debating on this or the Roland SE02, so far the AS-1 sound is ahead for me personally, I can get either one as a treat from the missus so help meeee haha anyone have this?




Nooooo! Fuck black Friday. Don’t buy shit! :smile:


Fucking hell mate if the missus is paying I’m not saying no :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Both sound great. Do you prefer tiny knobs or not enough knobs? :slight_smile:


The not enough knobs one is sounding better to me so far. I’m thinking I can program a bank of my own sounds in the software and then just load them up and take it on the road… love the SE02 as well but the sound of the AS-1 and it’s FX are winning me over.



I have the AS-1. It sounds worlds better than the SE02, in my opinion, and the interface is really intuitive and quick to program even with only two knobs. The editor is great but I still program onboard mostly. It’s a really underrated synth.

Edit: Also the build quality of the Roland is pretty meh in comparison. Yeah, there’s more knobs. But they are kinda wobbly and feel sized for a child.


Thanks for that. Yeah I’m really liking the sound of it and I can get it for £394 and the SE02 is £379 right now here in the UK.
Think I’ll go with the AS-1



Watch a quick video on programming it. One knob scrolls parameters, next knob adjusts it. I got pretty fast with it. There’s onboard LFO and the touch strip can be assigned to adjust 6 (I think) parameters at one. Like a mini version of the Octatrack crossfader. I sequence it with my Octatrack and adding all those additional LFOs is really interesting. It’s a capable synth with a wide range.


SOLD! :blush:


+1 to AS-1.


Get the Novation Circuit Mono Station:|1030e264-8855-41ea-b98f-d66a7b63fb76


It’s only £279 here



My vote is for pioneer AS-1


Got it too thanks :blush:


Yep definitely as-1 over se-02.
No comparison


Enjoy it. I like my prophet 6 sound whenever I play with it. I need to link my prophet 6 to my E-RM and use live or cubase as the master clock. Then make the master clock generate chords.

I hope you will like the prophet sound on it .


That Circuit is pretty cheap here too - £189



Wow! Pretty good! Also Peak for 989£ is a good price!


Thought about buying x2 Mono Stations at £279 each lol but maybe overkill :rofl:


I have 2 mono stations and 2 circuits. It IS overkill but… good fun!

Wish mine were this cheap when I got them!