AS-1 over SE-02? - YES or NO


When I record jams and listen back the sound of the as1 always stands out.


Wow lol they’re getting cheaper I just paid £270 and they are £260 at SCAN…

Do you know you can still get 10% off at Juno UK? It’s still valid from yesterday on some products, you can add a Drum Brute Creation at £305 and then end up paying £274


I was gonna hook up the AS1 to the Quantum I love the sound of the new Waldorf synth but now I’m screwed for sequencing unless I buy the Pyramid. I have 2 Beatstep Pro’s and a Keystep but they’re moonophonic.


I certainly wouldn’t use the on board seq on the as1.


Iv’e heard it’s buggy… makes you wonder who the hell tests these synths before release, Mickey Mouse? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


The AS1 sound is pretty special.

The sequencer could be a bit more special, as it only sequences notes.
However, an Elektron MIDI seq (or a DAW) can be used to sequence automation, as it does have a full CC# spec.
Sometimes it’s fun to sequence CC#s from a second sequencer, running a different pattern length, anyway.
For instance, Notes=64 / CC#s=62, or Notes=16 / CC#s=12.
You get more variety each time the note sequence repeats.

Can the BSP send CC#s without sending notes into the AS-1?


No idea I haven’t received the AS1 yet but the BSP can be setup in midi control center to control anything you assign to the knobs/pads


I know I shouldn’t but that mfb dominion club for 350US is a steal from I like the paint job too.


Control and sequence are two different things.


Sold out!

Dominion Club


My bad :blush: I still think I’ll grab the Pyramid in the end as the Cirklon is 11 months wait I’m told


Perhaps someone else here could confirm IF the Beatstep Pro can sequence CC#s without sending notes?


Also you can grab a Behringer Neutron here for £243 instead of £277



Ah well. Thanks for reminding me on the cirklon. I put my preorder in March 2018…I’m not gonna ask about the status until February 1, 2019


Wow Sunday delivery… Just ordered this late Friday night £279 deal from Andertons UK and it’s here

Gonna test it out


They do look like fun.


So that AND an AS-1? Nice.


No AS1 till Tuesday tho… if these mono stations are good I’ll get another for £260



Although there isn’t many knobs on the front panel of the AS-1 I figured I could assign some of the knobs on one of my Beatstep Pros’ to control it or maybe get a dedicated controller like a Novation or something


Ho do you get 10% off at Juno?