Arturia RackBrute and Link


what do they mean with LINK compatible? Do they mean compatible to Ableton LINK - wireless? If so can we have this on the Elektrons too please? :slight_smile:

Arturia Minibrute 2 / 2S

Nope it’s Arturia Link not to be confused with Ableton Link

I think Elektron Link would be Overbridge! :rofl:

ADDED: From “Arturia Link, which appears to be a way of connecting synths without the use of MIDI”. Do they mean like CV – i’m confused!


We need a Link for all these Links.



or hyperlink


Sweetwater leak, rackbrute


Have never been a fan of the brutes sound (owned both), however I have always said it would be hard to ignore if they release a rack version.

So that sucks!


Wonder what “tomorrow’s third and final part of the Minibrute story” will be!


The RackBrute mentioned above, maybe? That and/or explaining what Arturia Link is.


A sampler, for sure.


I have a feeling it’s a case that holds some modules above the MB2, that would be cool. they may be luring people into the modular void so who knows what the future holds. I always liked the look of the skinibrute mod so that 2s is also nice to see with Artuias notoriously bad keys. I always thought the matrixbrute was cool but the keys just seem crap for something of that price range. I’m no classical trained pianist but I feel something that’s 3 grand shouldn’t have flimsy keys like that. All good moves from arturia right now though, we shall see


Something ditching the sequencer was my thought but I’m sure they say “leave the best till last” somewhere on the site. Could be making that up though…!


A maxi, mega, giganta-brute.



Oh no. The modular is taking away my vacation money


If only their logo wasn’t ugly! :wink:



What if the third part in 18 hours, is the Arturia Link, which is the stripped down version of the Matrixbrute giving you “power in the patches”. Seems to go with the Minibrute 2 and 2S patch bay and an Arturia Eurorack. I like the idea of being able to completely rewire between several patches with the push of a button.

It is a weakness to Eurorack and other physically wired ‘patch’ systems, which the Matrixbrute went part of the way to solve.

If this is true i’m re-planning my purchase budget. Elektron will have to do something pretty good to get back on my list, i had preliminarily budgeted for an upcoming Elektron X product.


I think atruria link will probably just be the adjustable stand which fits all the new products together, shown here


Could be jb, but said – “Arturia Link, which appears to be a way of connecting synths without the use of MIDI”, as i posted earlier. And i don’t see how a bracket does that precisely. I guess it is a connection of sorts though.

Maybe (or maybe not) that factmag has some inside knowledge on this.

I am hold tight on to my fantasy. :rofl:


The plot thickens. It’s possible but never underestimate marketing talk. Even if it is just the stand it could be described as a never seen before innovative all hardware midi free way to connect synths that can support your whole rig