Arturia MicroFreak


It works with me, have only used it without ext clock until now. Only problem I found was when a modulator is assigned to the arp rate it becomes impossible to adjust the midpoint of modulation by using te rate knob itself: the display shows the modulated value… (especially noticable when modulating with random LFO…)


From what i read on other forums, it’s cured.


Did a “One Synth Challenge” with the MicroFreak: all sounds made with this little nifty board :slight_smile:


Great!! Using “Electronic” word myself in an unfinished song…i guess we will be numerous to have the same “lyrics”…:joy:

Hi-Hat from MF too?


yes :slight_smile:

You can find the patch here :


yeah just saw it on GS! :+1:


Any carrying case ideas? There’s no decksaver for it but I’d love to be able to take it around considering it’s really portable.


I’m using a largish Crumpler laptop bag I had in the closet because it’s deep/tall enough for the knobs (that’s the kicker).

But I’ve been looking around and haven’t seen anything yet. It’s one of those “have to measure and try it out” kind of things I think.

Edit: This one (not available anymore though, sorry!)

Edit two: probably worth mentioning the bag also holds the power brick, usb and audio cables, plus some other misc junk. It’s pretty spacious for a laptop bag.


Kraft Music has a bundle with a bag they picked out, for a few dollars more. If you have bought a MF already, they’d surely sell the bag separate too.


I was curious about how well the MF would fit in that bag. Haven’t bothered to map out the dimensions to get an idea… :thinking:


Actually that bundle looks a pretty good deal – the Gator G-MULTIFX-1510 bag is $50 everywhere i look and the bundle only adds $10 to the price.


Is parameter locking possible on the microfreak ? for example I select the step 3 on my sequence and I adjust the cutoff value for that step only (exactly like on korg monologue)


If the sequence is stopped, you can cycle through each step with the rate knob and set the value for any of the 4 assignable parameter sequencing tracks on a given step. Can also be done real time.


Thanks !!


It’s totally awesome - the Microfreak will audition your changes as you turn the parameter you’re changing/editing.

I haven’t tried every single parameter but it works beautifully for the oscillator parameters and cutoff, at least. Very clever implementation.


I´m down for a pre order since April and it looks like the MF is coming next week. I´m really looking forward to this and been lusting a small synth that I can play with on the long tour drives on the autobahn, since I had to sell my OP-1 some years a go.

So to be prepared I need to by me a USB power brick/charger and wonder if any of you guys use something like that to power the MF for portable use?


Haven’t tried, but I’ve been curious as well.

Leave a note here if you end up getting one and like/dislike it!


It functions properly with a USB power brick. I had trouble powering it with the USB port of a plane screen, so make sure it can deliver sufficient power, but I’ve tried 3 different USB bricks with no trouble.




Wasn’t there mention in one of the early demo vids that it isn’t grounded when using USB power and can result in issues?