Arturia MicroFreak

Never liked those thouch-keyboards… really hate them, but Microfreak looks great.

Where the hell did I put my glow sticks?

Gonna keep an eye on this one though. Oddly, I’ve liked several Arturia pieces, but the Keystep is the only thing I’ve purchased from them. Not sure why most of their stuff doesn’t do it for me


Demo sounds are nice. Should have hired Jexus to do the intro video though if they wanted it to get seriously freaky instead of laughably freaky.



haven’t watched the video cos i’m at work but I already want one

Enormous value for the money here. Well thought out.

Haha that video.

I’ll read more on this one but first thoughts is that it looks horrendous! That keyboard…

If it were my only keyboard, I’d be bummed, but it could be a cool thing on its own?

If you still have a choice - don’t watch it. :tumbler_glass:




That was probably the first demo video I’ve ever watched the whole way through. I had to know if it could get any worse.

So kudos arturia you got me there.

Very interesting synth tho.

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Same, never been a fan of any of their synth or drum products, but this one for its price seems very nice. I’m pretty sure you can load in a variety of wavetables via USB, which would be extra nice.

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Don’t think of it in comparison to the regular keyboard. It’s got polyphonic aftertouch and is extremely fast. Think of it as a great way to control a synth.


Is it MPE?

No to MPE or at least not yet.

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NO WAY!!! It’s like a test of fortitude. If you can survive the entire video, you should get one for free


I think it looks great, too. Arturia meets Buchla


Listen to the samples at the Arturia site. (Reposted the site address.)

Who cares about the video?


“We’ve also teamed up with Eurorack synth heroes Mutable Instruments to bring you 7 modes from their legendary Plaits module. While all of the oscillators in MicroFreak are naturally monophonic, you can choose to enable paraphony to play up to 4-voices at once.”

  • Virtual analog, recreating traditional synth methods digitally for a mix of classic and cutting-edge tones.

  • A triangular wave, processed by waveshaping and wavefolding creating squelchy, aggressive, and often metallic tones.

  • A simple but powerful twin-operator FM oscillator, with two sine waves modulated each other’s phase to create sharp, acidic tones.

  • A percussive, granular synthesis engine that is great for adding huge texture and body to sequenced rhythms.

  • A paraphonic synth engine that triggers duplicates at set intervals, creating defined, static chords with one key, perfect for trance-inspired melodies.

  • An engine that creates vowel, formant, and simple word sounds. Automate with the mod matrix, and hear MicroFreak come alive!

  • Recreates the unique inharminic vibrations and resonance of a hollow structure. Perfect for adding texture, or bizarre overtones to your music.


Ok wow. I mean I have ipad apps and VCV (audible) and VSTs…

But that’s a good show.