Arturia MicroFreak

Thank you :slight_smile:

Sadly, I need to return my Arturia MicroFreak for a replacement. I have not had much time to evaluate the MicroFreak until this weekend, in spite of its arrival a month ago. The touch keyboard is very unresponsive before and after the firmware update. When notes do play, the sound is delayed by a few seconds regardless of the attack setting. Via MIDI with a controller, as I will mostly use the MicroFreak, it works fine.

Hopefully, the replacement unit works as intended.

Checking out the new OS:


One thing I would like to see in a future update is a way to move the sequence left and right by 1 step (similar to Elektrons with FUNC + arrows)
Also hoping they allow for unison mode on sequences - currently if you copy the ARP to SEQ, you loose the unison, which is unfortunate

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Will they ever do a ‘larger’-freak that is implied as a counterpart to the ‘micro’??

Double the oscs? interactions between those two oscs? more complex filter? polyphonic filters? more extensive mod-matrix? integrated fx-that can be extensively addressed through the modmatrix? 3 octave?

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I’m waiting for the module (keyboard-less) version …

EDIT: But then, when this arrives, my GAS for a Microfreak may subside.

I’m dreaming of a 4-6 voices, multitimbral version of the Microfreak.

Polyfreak, Multifreak, Beatfreak, Drumfreak… Whatever, I want one.


“Like the adults talking in Peanuts”…

Love it.

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no need to wait, let 3dWaves know you need a NanoBod
They’ll make more.


Thanks. It’s on my radar. But it does add £90 to the price :frowning:

the microfreak almost seems like it was built to be easily disassembled and the keybed removed.

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If you think about doing this do not throw away the keyboard. You will need it for updating the unit.


Or if you will throw it away, send it to me, maybe i can hack a CV keyboard from it :wink:

I think the keyboard is very expressive and fast. I like it a lot.


Could not agree more :slight_smile:


True, i experienced this. The best advice is of course keep the keyboard if someday you want to come back to the original version, or sell it, or update it. But, in case of, Arturia has (afaik) an alternate firmware for people who don’t have the keyboard anymore. Cheers

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I love that keyboard, I don’t like keyboards that much, but this one clicked with me instantly.

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Where can we find it please?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Anyone bought the mic in the UK? Always seems like everywhere is awaiting stock whenever I check

Is it fun? I’m looking for keys that I can integrate with my modular but that is portable and fun. A sweet synth would be a nice bonus.

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I use it to play my 0-coast based modular. Lots of fun. Also the clock in and out are usefull.

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