Arrangement chains not saved?

I’m using OT 1 with 1.30C and just noticed this issue with arranger, arrangement chains are not saved.

To reproduce:

  1. Create 2 arrangements
  2. Select Arrangement 1
  3. Use chain feature to chain it to Arr 2
  4. Last row shows “Chain Arr 2”
  5. Save arrangement
  6. Reload. Still shows “Chain Arr 2”
  7. Go to last row and press Enter / Yes (moves to Arr 2) or change to Arr 2 manually from menu
  8. Change back to Arr 1
  9. Last row is now back to “End Of Arr.”

WTF? Am I doing something wrong or are chains are totally useless in live work when planning live set?!? A bug?

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I can give it a try, personally I’d use only 1 arrangement.

Chain settings are not saved apparently, but it doesn’t seem a bug. Seems totally usable in live conditions.
If you want to plan everything, you can use only 1 arrangement. Still possible to use JUMP fonction if you want to reorder songs or parts of songs…


Yes, it’s usable but it would a lot more usable if I could edit the live setlist beforehand and make it flow seamlessly from one arrangement to another automatically since I have my hands full anyway during the song change. This sucks. :unamused:

I use arrangements a lot and find it a very powerful tool especially since my songs are more structured, they have different parts and stuff. An overlooked aspect of Octatrack and I also find it very irritating that there are only 8 of them, there’s no real reason for that in the machine UI or anywhere. 16 arrangements and an ability to quick select them with sequencer buttons would be very useful. And a Next-button for loops like in MPCs (now next is 3 button clicks, 2 down arrows and a Yes).


That is how I find arrangements to work - the chain is not saved and needs to be done manually every time. It is a bit of a pain and all the boxes seem to lack song chaining.
My workaround is to find a bit in my arrangement where I have time to make the chain and I write a line of text in the arranger to remind myself to do this.

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I’m missing this feature as well.

+1 for a feature request, which would make arrangements play one after another selected via fn + [yes] or so.

Send in feature requests to Elektron - I thunk the arranger is great but could use some tweaks like those mentioned.

The arranger is relatively underused. Even though it seems a major feature and the OT is pretty old now, you can just tell by subjects discussed here that there are whole areas that just haven’t had anything like the same user attention.

& considering even some quite top level stuff still has bugs, just going a little deeper throws light on more issues.

So I’m not surprised by this behaviour. A candidate for the minor tweaks thread?

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I programmed a whole set of songs with the arranger, in blocks of 3 songs for flexibility of reordering in the future. And now I am surprised about the chain feature, that doesnt work properly. That’s really bad! :frowning:
The chained arrangement doesnt get saved with every arrangement.

Has this feature been working in the past?

I don’t think so. Even the UI suggests that the chain is not part of the arrangement data itself.

:tired_face: :sob::sob::sob:

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