Are there any brand new 808 or 909s out there?

Is it possible a new and unopened one exists? What about some other famous and sought after machines and synths? I heard only 10000 units were made of the 909, 12000 of the 808.

I’m not looking for one or anything, it’s just something I think about.

super unlikely but possible… I’d assume they’d be in Roland’s possession if they did exist…

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possibly. most likely somewhere in Japan, at a place like Five G: English Information | Five G music technology

either way, I doubt you want to pay what someone would be asking for one. 909’s are going for $7k-ish now, surpassing 808’s in the last couple of years.

if you are interested, you can get a brand new replica of either from DinSync.


No 808s or 909s, but every once in awhile I see a single-owner unit show up that is very close to what you describe. I picked up a Roland RE-201 Space Echo from a 70+ year old guitarist who had used it on stage for a few months in the 80s and then put it on a shelf in his basement. Came with a Roland vinyl case, the original warranty card and receipt from 1983. Aside from a few permanent marker dots where he ran his config, brand new.

About a year ago I saw someone sell a TR-707 that was in that condition - looked brand new, in box. Single owner the whole time. Pristine.

Nowhere near as old, but I bought an Oberheim TVS-Pro from someone who had bought it, played it for an hour and then kept it in the box with a plan to set up a studio some day. Sadly, this worked to my detriment as it has some bugs that they never found and I didn’t find while testing it before buying it. It sounds great but there’s some minor issues with the VCA and Env 1 on one of the SEMs.


Damn, prices are insane now :exploding_head:

I sold my 808 and 909 some years back, for about a 1/4 of what they go for now, still I don’t think they are worth that much, TBH I am happy with the boutique versions.


…i u have an original boxed, still unopened 808 or 909…
u got at least 5 grants right in front of u…

There’s a crazy synth store in Japan that I believe sometimes has them. I forget the name, but a buddy of mine visited and said they had tons of new old stock.



I wonder if there’s a new Jupiter 8 or Cs80 out there!

Echigoya Music has some from time to time and also Five G Music.

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Haha the pictures in that article are awesome, they’ve got a display case with a couple TB-606s, a TB-303, an MC202, a Prophet 08, Moog Minitaur, and a Vermona Mono Lancet. Drool. Sitting next to those beauties in the same case? An Akai Pro MPK mini :joy: :joy:

Similarly in their drum machine section they’ve got a Beat Thang next to a DSI Tempest and a Sherman Filterbank :joy:

Sorry not sure why I think that’s so funny hehe

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…ok…i correct myself…10 grant…at least…

but hey, even given the fact that those damned old boxes are iconic for ALL kind of eletronic whatsoever history u name it genres of the planet…

no one really needs THE originals these days…and even the pricetag madness of the swedish classics are not relateable to any truu sonic justice or reason in any way…

the basic question throughout all times remains always the same…

are U a sonic artist…or a hording collectors item fanatic…?

are u into low frequency design as an universal languge,
or into naked numbers counting down from some capitalistic sort of game of thrones…?

i’m a recording and performing artist…never been a dealer…
i’m thinking in tools that help me create…NOW…
not in reselling prices…LATER…

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Don’t imagine you’d see a ‘new’ 909 or 808 etc at five g or echigoya that often. A little ashamed to admit it but at one point in my life I would go to both stores every week. Sometimes more than once.

I have seen some NOS items at both but not boxed 808/909s etc. However, every now and then you’ll see one that is in mint condition. No blemishes, no rust, completely working.

But loooong gone are the days of paying reasonable prices for them.

If I were to get another 909 and wanted to still be practical about price I’d just get an RE-909. I feel no need to fund the speculators market anymore than necessary. So I stopped buying old stuff. There is way too much available now to get caught in that trap.


The 808 and 909 I have are mint condition… can’t imagine them being unopened and being any better.


As a side note, are there be any special requirements for storing boxed up electronic equipment long term.

ie, air tight boxes (or not: mould etc)

Remove batteries - even soldered in ones.
Store in a place where temperature does not fluctuate too much, with low relative humidity.


near mint :smiley: Spheremusic - Bargain or auction detail



That site is really interesting: auctions for oberheims and Serge modules selling for thousands of pounds, alongside a bag of secondhand eurorack patch cables for £17. I didn’t realise real auction houses were so similar to eBay!