Are there any brand new 808 or 909s out there?

Fun anecdote

I was once doing some corporate AV work with this guy who told me that in the 80s, nobody wanted the 808 and guitar center had boxes of them piled up for clearance sales. He said he bought one lol.

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I found an essentially new in box TR-505 at a pawn shop a few years ago. The least desirable X0X machine, but still…

that’s a good question and brings up a good point: even if it’s as new in box, still sealed, I’d take it to a tech. these old machines want to be played and they do better that way than in storage. seriously. I’ve had more issues from vintage gear sitting around unused than the ones I at least turn on or play daily.

I strictly avoid gear described as being in storage for several years, that hasn’t seen a tech. I’ve just been burned too many times. it may look perfect, but I’d take functionally perfect over cosmetically perfect, any day.


Good to know. Thanks!

I can’t lie. I use to walk by echigoya so much thinking it was a recording studio till I said fuck it I’m going to see much it cost to book an hour. Ishibashi was another favorite of mine one of because one of the clerks convinced me to by the OT with a discount and Musicland Key where my I purchased my first Elektron, the DN.

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Yeah I’ve heard other people say the same funnily enough. That whole section of shibuya including echigoya, ishibashi, the Rock-on music store and quite a few smaller stores for DJ equipment, records etc really is like a haven for music lovers.


Disk Union is shit! I scored a couple of hard to find OOP albums in that place.

Five G was a highlight of my visit to Tokyo, spent 3 hours ogling all the classics and playing on some that were hooked up. Most of the stuff was pretty well used, there was an 808 with moldy spots that brought a tear to my eye.

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Not new but errrrr…

Roland TR909

Someone’s avin a giraffe :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Gold TR-909



i mean I don’t need to impress people like myself…

Rare Spraypaint Edition!

Thats nothing…

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A guy that used to work for Roland that I sort of knew through a relative, (I think circa 1994) was about to sell me his used for maybe a few hours 909, for $250. I offered him $200. And… he ended up keeping it. I SO wish I had just paid him what he asked. :smiley: