AR A4 Mk1 os 1.45 1.35 a bug? Progr. recieve INF Pattern length CHNG to 8 not changing pattern anymore


Hi Elektronauts,
Another Problem of a one-year-at-elektron-basic-user:

Yesterday I decided to update my MK 1 Maschines to try out the new Dual VCO, but this decission brings me to another big Problem.( Because before the Update everything was working fine, it might came from the new os)
My Setup is the Digitakt as Master because of the individual BPMs per Pattern thing.
The Digitakt Master is sending programm change to A4 and AR.
A4 and AR have ADV Pattern Length set to inf because of Polyrythm running and CHNG set to 8.

Starting them by pressing play everthing starts in sync at pattern 1.
When I try to change the Pattern with the Master/Digitakt, both the AR and the A4 got the Pattern Number flashing,[B02] but not changing to B02.
YES I now it is because of the INF setting in Pattern length Mode, but as I understood the manual therefore I set the CHNG Setting to Change Pattern after ne Number of Steps.
But in my case it is not working.
Here is a list of everything i setup:
Digitakt Scale Mode Length per Pattern 64/64 M.Len. INF CH.Len. 8
AR Scale Mode ADV. 64/64 LEN INF CHNG 8
AF Scale Mode ADV. 64/64 LEN INF CHNG 8

So is it a user Error or a os Bug?

Before the Update everthing was fine I think, but you know:
With Elektron Boxes you always have to know exactly what you are doing in the setup, otherwise nothing is working as you want.

Thank you Nauts for some help.


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Same problem here with OS 1.45, used to work fine before the update. A very nasty bug if it is one, let’s hope it gets solved soon!


ok than let one of us send a support ticket or what?


I’ll send a ticket today :heavy_check_mark:


Filed a ticket, acknowledged and confirmed by Elektron so a fix should be on its way. :thup:


Analog Rytm OS 1.45: bug discussion