Aqua Trig Malfunction on Digitakt?

Trig 13 is now aqua and won’t work on Digitakt.

Any ideas why?

Hoping that it’s not broken :frowning:

Rather than red, there’s no light
Rather than gray, it’s light aqua

Have you contacted Elektron support?

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Yep… wondering if others have had similar experience.

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Use test mode. I am guessing a broken red led. My LFO button does the same thing. It has come good a few times briefly but always goes back. For now I’m living with it.


Great! Hope they can fix it for you.

Definitely worth using the search function on the forum, as there are quite a few examples, such as for DT:

And OT:

If it were the LFO button, I could probably live with it. However the color of the trigs is very crucial to the Digitakt functionality.

I also just bought this brand new 8 months ago.

I had this problem on my former DT (bought it 3nd hand, probably first batches). I noticed 1 year after selling it, when I borrowed it for new OS tests. 4 leds. 11, 12, 13, 14.

As @Resist mentioned, it was absolutely obvious in TEST mode (Hold Func while powering on).

In below cases, red instead of purple means lack of blue fir instance.

Track selection, all leds supposed to be white except selected (16).


there is no question that unless you did something to void your warranty, this is a warranty service repair issue. I third the motion for test mode results.