Anyone NOT use the Transition Trick? (live performance)

I’m referring to the transition trick involving capturing a loop onto scene B while changing over to a different song on scene A. In the process of building a live set I have experimented with this and it works but I do not really want to sacrifice a track (Track 8 for master)

My particular use case is live looping guitar, vocals and keys mixed in with stems bounced from Ableton.

Curious what other transitions you all have come up with not involving the use of track 8 as a master and without capturing a loop.

I’m thinking you could keep one track running while switching, have an external source looping or do delay reverb effects for starters. Just some ideas and I’m sure those with more experience have some pretty creative tricks.

EDIT: I will add some ideas here as I think of them. (I’ll have to try them out to see how they work in practice)

Scene B keeps stems playing with a wash effect but fades out live loops allowing me to clear the loops. Then switch to next song while first song washes out.

Scene B keeps only a drum loop playing from current song allowing me to switch to next song.

Scene B fades to external instrument on a Thru track allowing me to switch songs.

There is also Biologik's part transition tip


Thanks. I’ve watched it but have yet to try it. I haven’t decided if i’m able to sacrifice a part for this…

I dedicate a part for transitions, blending elements of the ending track with the next, taking tracks in and out with scenes.


Good one! I could see this working for me

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I dont use any ‘transition trick’ with the OT. I either write a pattern that is the transition, or use a synth and play that.

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Have you considered just not having transitions? This is ok, you’re audience may even clap!

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Yep, thats a running joke around these parts… have tried it many times, most ‘electronic music’ audiences dont know hown clap apparently :wink:


Ha! Novel idea and actually a very good point!

…and truth be told I’ve never played a proper electronic venue. Only pubs. They are used to dead air between songs anyway

What works incredibly at festivals or clubs is… letting the previous pattern die out while a synth drone builds, then kill all sequencers, noodle on the synth with tons of reverb or delay then slowly restart sequencers and gradually bring things in. People go apeshit for it because most people are completely unfamiliar with raw synth noise.