Anyone into Command Stations?

I got the Mp7… There was a white one and a yellow one too… Maybe one of my all time favorite rompler grooveboxes… I loved that you could swap all the sound cards in and out, customizing your own perfect box. The menu diving… was pretty obnoxious though… I like the gigantic manual too… I don’t read it but I like to carry it around anyway…

oops, spilled some berries…


cool! :+1:
i’m planning to buy XL-7 this friday. talked with guy selling it 10 minutes ago )

the only thing i dislike from reading about it is the lack of polyrhythms support in sequencer.
anyway, very few devices support polyrhythms even these days.

otherwise, it’s at very least a great synth.

wow, very cool, I am excited for you! Do you know what sound boards it has inside?

It will be very nice being all bundled up with some kalyna tea, tripping out with all those pads in kyiv this winter…



did you mean ROMs? if yes, this one has solely stock Xtreme Lead-1 inside, exactly the one that is most interesting for my application (goa trance & electro industrial).

i’m also planning to buy Protean Drum ROM later (since i’m a drummer), and probably more.

p.s. i also own Yamaha RM1x yet, so after Command Station will buy Roland MC-505 to complete the collection of the grooveboxes i could not afford some twenty years ago.

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so, it’s already in my hands.
suddenly with latest OS out of the box.

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post pic


Great romplers i have both units MP7 and XL7 with both roms on the yellow box. and some stuff sound great, z plane filters, and powerful arpeggiators I’m over the protean drums and there are some blank roms that you can fill with your material thru the EMU ultra samplers. some underrated machines here


These boxes always intrigued me. I’d love to hear a bit about their sounds, effects and sequencers if anyone has the time.

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Same. What’s the sequencer workflow like? These seem to generally go for less than MPCs on ebay…

Had a guy selling a yellow XL7 on Facebook Marketplace for $100 and I didn’t jump on it fast enough. Sounded too good to be true, it might have had issues. Those emus do like fun though!

unfortunately the pads become trash pretty quick

i mainly use Launchpad Pro as input device, so pads are not a big deal for me.
and the replacement pads assembly is not that rare on ebay.

and… the ultra mighty combo!


was fiddling with C.S. all weekend.
absolutely excited about Xtreme Lead ROM sounds and overall sound quality.
indeed an excellent machine for goa trance, as i said above.


so you have a powerful arp for the job and yes the Xtreme Lead Rom really kick a……ss


How is the overall sound quality of the Command Stations? Also wondering how capable the arp is and if it sends midi note data. Thanks!

absolutely amazing. exceeded my expectations.

yes, that’s what i bought it for. arpeggiated my Blofeld and PreenFM2 like a charm.
it definitely has a lot of features, but at the moment i did not explore them much.

for a long time, my favorite arpeggiator was the one of Novation Nova Laptop. last week i bought Blofeld and Command Station known for their powerful arpeggiators, so i’m going to do extensive comparison soon.

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<3 I have and love my Yamaha Rm1x, though i really need to get around to replacing the buttons. I have them sitting there for a future me to do.

I especially like that it’s a true midi sequencer, not a step sequencer like the elektrons. (which has plusses and negatives)

How do they compare?

did not compare yet.
currently sequenced from RM1x.
the only things i know:

  1. RM1x supports polyrhythms (different length of phrases on different tracks, all of them are looped independently), Command Station does not (time signature is the attribute of pattern, so all tracks are looped synchronously).
  2. RM1x has the annoying limitation — to swithch from recording to playing, stopping & restarting sequencer required. Command Station does not have this limitation and allows to do everything on the fly.
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