Anyma Phi

Yeah – there is a reverb effects block.

It’s also possible that the impulse engine could be monophonic, with the tails generated in a resonator.


I love how it sounds, I rarely back kickstarter projects but I am really considering this one so I can get my hands on it as soon as possible.

I’ve been googling around for similarly sounding hardware synth with little success, can you think of any?

I can do interesting percussive sounds with my Nord Drum 2, but that seems more realistic on certain aspects.

Check the sonictalk video/podcast above they mention a couple. Also, the MicroFreak has Karplus Strong algorithm (plucked/bowed string), and possibly another resonator too (can’t remember for sure) … but of course there you’re talking about 3 parameters on the algorithm, not 16 or 20 as this one has.


I’ll give it a listen, thanks!

I wouldn’t mind going into modular either, I have been trying to figure out what is the minimum set up I need in order to run MI Elements.

Karplus Strong on the MicroFreak:

Modal resonator on MicroFreak:

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Oh, and of course the korg ‘logue-sdk’ models that support user oscillators (NTS-1, Minilogue XD, and 1 other) can do some of this stuff. The mutable elements code has been ported to this platform which gives you at least one (free) resonator oscillator you can add to your ‘logue’.

But again, you don’t get the depth of control the Anyma Phi is offerring.

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This is also where I’m at. The Anyma looks really cool! Looking into alternatives I learned a lot more about the MicroFreak (passed over it when it came out), which seems pretty promising.

Regardless, I’m all for more physical modeling hardware period. MI Rings alone made me want to get into modular so it’s great to see there are other options out there

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One of the common risks with backing Kickstarters is the oh-so-common delay. I’d judge the chance on delay for this to be likely given COVID and all. What speaks in favor for backing with this is the discount in price which is decent, and the raft of stretch goals.

The stretch goals include:

  • Percussive Playing Surface — they’d build in a piezoelectric contact mike into the case to pick up external noise and feed the resonators and effects. This is a good low cost idea.
  • Patch Editor Librarian — They put up a video to demonstrate this. Anyma Phi: Preview of the patch librarian / advanced editor To me this is almost a must have.
  • More memory built in — This seems to me super useful and very hard to add otherwise, unless it’s an SD or something.
  • Micro-tuning support — This pushes things into a pro-grade product. That was something added recently to the Hydrasynths and i love it.
  • Additional modules — Who knows what they have in mind for this ?
  • Blue-tooth MIDI — Perhaps instead adding the Sylphyo wireless connection would make more sense, rather than having to add the Aodyo Link to connect things. The Link is an interesting and little known add on for the Sylphyo.

So being able to push this project over the edge to pick up some of these stretch goals might get me to pledge the KS rather than wait for the full release.

As far as other p.m. hardware synths there’s a list (somewhat incomplete) at Wikipedia. (As i mentioned up thread the Haken Eagan Matrix Sound Engine includes p.m., so that should be added to the Wiki list.) There is also a list of software physical modelers here too.

Physical modeling has always been a processor/calculation demanding synthesis method, so it really benefits from the low cost high performance processors (and memory) available now.

In the video Matt Hodson points out that the Mutable Instruments Rings is useful in a physical modeling set-up. Indeed that is part of what is shown in Aodyo’s Eurorack mock-up.

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They’ve already reached their goal (45,000 euros) to add this!

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Yeah and the patch editor is coming up at 60,000. That would be important to me and worth the pledge if it would push it over the edge.

I’m in. This locks in a price for me, and (he says) i can always back out before the deadline, as i consider it more.

One thing that gives this more value to me in particular is that i will use it with a wind MIDI controller – the Aerophone. I wouldn’t be so positively disposed to it otherwise.

ADDED: A lucky break for me i was checking back at KS and noticed that a super early adopter had dropped their pledge so i was able to pick it up and saved some money.

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I backed it, I think it sounds great over all, the sound design possibilities are really exiting and the contact mic sealed the deal for me!

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So the pledges just went above 60,000 so the patch editor stretch goal will be unlocked if the level holds.

In the last update Aodyo said they’d set the next stretch goal. Do you have a preference with the four choices left? They are:

  • More memory built in, so they can up the patch storage.
  • Micro-tuning support.
  • Additional modules to add to the sound synthesis.
  • Blue-tooth MIDI.

EDITED for spelling.
ADDED: Oops, the level is in Euros so the editor level is still to come. Soon hopefully.

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I know it’s easier and more natural to write it like this but the name is Aodyo.

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I think more memory would be great, 63 patches is going to be very tight on the long run.

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Right … was just about to correct you :slight_smile:

Just pledged … first time backing a kickstarter project … oo errr


Aodyo has just released a new update (#4) which is heavy with sound demonstrations.

Here’s an example of the A.P. being used for putting FX on an external audio input, a simple spoken voice sample.

I wasn’t expecting this but i like the capability shown with this.

ADDED: Update #6. They did two videos showing off the Anyma when used with a wind controller. This shows a real strength for the Anyma, as i thought it might. It also really shows the power of the position/motion sensor in the Sylphyo.

The next stretch goal, if it ever gets there (pledges have slowed now with the juiciest discounts gone) will be the memory upgrade.


A super early bird pledge level just opened up, that’s the largest discount, you can grab it or switch your existing pledge to it and save some money. It won’t be around very long.

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I just snagged it. I have fond memories of the Korg Prophecy.

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