Anyma Phi

I’m expecting mine from thomann on Thursday


The part that i glommed onto in that email was the part at the end:

Stay tuned, there is more coming soon :star_struck:

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4 more patches today …

Any demos showcasing the more creative/experimental sound design potential of this?


So take a look at how #18 Piezo Cymbal is constructed. Normally on a 'piezo" patch either Main or Aux Mix or both has Audio In turned up and the source set to In.R, where the internal piezo mic “lives”.

But not in this patch. Both mixer audio ins are set to zero, and connected to noise. So how does this work ?

Well this patch instead uses an Envelope Follower Modulation that’s connected to In.R, that opens up the piezo sound, to be revoiced.

I’ve done this before, and it’s a nice trick, whether or not you use the piezo, or plug in external audio. It’s even possible to use the two audio inputs, follow the envelope of one and modulate the audio of the other. (Unfortunately the input is a single stereo jack so i don’t think you can have both the piezo and an external audio channel, without a hack.)

What I’m really waiting for is a way to use the piezo input to trigger the ADSRs. But I guess an envelope follower on the piezo is kind of related, if not as flexible.

I know you know this bibenu, but for others following along, the Envelope Follower does have two parameters, Rise and Fall, that can both be set and modulated. This does allow you to change the “attack” and “release” on the envelope follower. I’ve in particular changed the Fall to give the Envelope Follower more of a tail. And of course the audio followed affects the “Sustain” level.

Then of course any of this can be run into reverb or other effects to stretch things out too.


ordered one of these fellas and gonna do some experimental stuff soon :slight_smile:


As promised: A little impro with the „PIEZOLYRHITHM“ preset, played with a LØM Geofón as Line In microphone

I was not really sure whether to keep it or not, since, theoretically, it is not really far away from the MI Elements, but actually it is really compact and inviting for experimemtation. The Line In is really great and I am not really bothered by the mono architecture since I have some Eurorack stuff that would easily hide away its mono nature by stereo effects processing etc.

I did not even dig into the software so far, which is even more inviting to program crazy stuff :slight_smile:


Some fantastic patches available here - Anymated Synthesis – Broken Gadget

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Aodyo is going to be at Superbooth. ( I think they got added to the list fairly recently. )

Not expecting a new announcement, but it’s possible, like more info about the arpeggiator they are adding. Nothing new at their website right at this moment.

I just got emailed about it today, so this must have been pretty last minute

If anyone is looking there’s a Phi for sale on the aodyo forums.


There’s a minor firmware update available. No new audio features, but midi & UI features, and bugfixes. Developer described it as a beta, but safe to use, and in any case, easy to roll back.

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Thanks bibenu for finding out about that release.

But you buried the lead didn’t you ? From Aodyo’s response to you :

This was a minor release with mainly bug fixes, but we’re preparing a much bigger one that should be out around December.

“Much bigger”, means to me new features. So we’ll see what that includes, but there are a few things on the list that have been discussed upthread.
Arpeggiator ?

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Arpeggiator would be good but I’m more interested in features that expand the physical modelling toolset, like the promised ‘meta-Exciter’ and comb-filter. Also would like to see an oscillator that can be morphed from sine through triangle, square, saw … which could be part of a wave table osc, I suppose.


Surprised that I’ve found a really versatile paraphonic ‘piano’ by routing the kick through a modal resonator. Lots of variation possible. Haven’t finished tweaking yet, but will share here if there’s any interest.


That’s great idea.

The NTS-1 is on sale today too.

HW Deals Thread

What’s coming next: Aodyo Community — Nothing really happens...

In the beginning of next week, we’ll release an intermediary v0.8.107 that comes with bug fixes and improvements […]

The next big update will come a bit later, and will propel the Anyma Phi into v1.0 territory.
It will include […] almost everything we had ever planned in the Kickstarter, and then some.


Thanks for posting this. I ordered mine yesterday so now I’m even more eager with the upcoming updates.