Anniversary Octa Vs Black what differences?

Ive just got back into Elektron devices, have owned them all nearly over the years.

Just bought a new Syntakt, Digitone and today the Black Octatrack . Realised now that Ive been watching the Anniversary version (Red Rec buttons and different faceplate)on YT… A bummer cause the Anni faceplate and the red rec buttons sold me on the look! Oh well I have a black one arriving.

What differences are there apart from rec record and faceplate design?

Is any smart person making red record buttons?


A fancy cardboard box, custom memory card, and 3 red buttons. There are no functional differences.

Black comes with a custom KITT soundboard

The screen text is also different.

But yeah, they are basically the same.

The anniversary edition doesn’t seem to have issues with the sound quality like the original…. strange as nothing is different about them hardware wise, but the anniversary editions are supposed to sound “deeper” and “richer,” and there’s reports that the effects sound “vintage” and “classic” instead of “dated.”

Your mileage may vary though, they sound the same to me. (Seriously though, they’re the same minus a few aesthetic changes.)


I borrowed a friends Tone and my new Tone arrived noticed some differences. Power supply is smaller and the Track Mute colour buttons are lighter in colour and slightly more see through.

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The Black one is assembled in Poland. The Anniversary at Sweden HQ.

Yeah, that’s just the newest version of the same power supply. I think 3c is the small one, the bigger one is 3b probably.


A few hundred dollars


Prestige, resale value. Based on Reverb.

AE goes one extra on each parameter.


Doesn’t the Anniversary Edition have more samples preloaded with the custom card?

Yup and you get a poster too :slight_smile:

But they were using the Machinedrum.

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:drum: :laughing:

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Those red buttons do look pretty slick…

If you want red buttons maybe this?