Angled connector for Elektron PSU


I’ve been looking everywhere but I couldn’t find it so maybe you guys can help me.

I am trying to optimize my performance flightcase and I have an issue with the size of the PSU connectors of my Elektron boxes…

I need an angled adapter for these but I am not sure of what to buy.

I’ve seen information that say it’s a 5.5x2.5mm but also some that say 5.5x2.1.

I would be really thankfull if you could give me some advice or - better - give me some links to something working properly. (In Europe - Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany)

Thankssss !

All the info is here:

You need this:

  • Barrel Connector Size: 5.5 mm outer diameter, 2.5 mm inner diameter

oh cool, thanks ! Could only find the information from resellers websites and I found both dimensions which was a bit confusing.

now I still gotta find an adapter / connector :slight_smile:

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I’m looking for some too

I ordered this as these were the only ones I found : Alimentation Dc Câble Adaptateur 5.5mm x 2.5mm Angle Droit 90° Convertisseur | eBay

50cm is really too long for me but couldn’t find anything better yet…

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I use these for my boxes :+1: I got mine from eBay but it’s the same part. I got 3 of them for £6.

Edit: Although you want 2.5 -> 2.5 unless you’re using a non-Elektron adapter (which is more likely to be 2.1)

Makes for a neat setup

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it’s 2.5 -> 2.1 ; isn’t it an issue ?

saw a lot of these but I wasn’t sure it was OK for the Elektron boxes…

2.1 will probably fit, depending on the size of the interior hole, but it will probably wobble. I would not use it.

You can check the related items if the linked size is incorrect.

It don’t unfortunately - the pin is too big so its the opposite issue to being loose, you’d need to jam it on there with some kind of force - otherwise I’d use a daisy chain cable and a 5A adapter. Now if anyone can tell me where to get a 2.5mm daisy chain cable that would be great haha

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I bought this. I can go and check but I believe it’s 2.5

I don’t know why it says 10 way, it’s a 5 way.

Nah I got a few of those, basically anything other than Elektron is 2.1mm. 2.5 is normally for higher power stuff - I think my Intellijel case uses 2.5 but I’m not sure of anything else I have that uses that size.

lol good ol amazon

quite right, neither of the ones I bought fit. I may need to solder a solution together, this simply won’t do.

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Now you’re talking! I’d also be up for that, can’t be a difficult job.

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not at all, you just need these and a little patience it would seem.

I’m not geting too much movement wobble with the reverse sizing, but 2.1 ID won’t fit over 2.5 shaft I’ve just verified. Maybe Nate still has the ebay link, I’ll look on amazon a little further.

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This one should be ok then

I’ve just added some to my cart as well :smile:

This may in fact be the easiest solution to adapt one of the daisy chains that I’ve already purchased, the 2.1 female to 2.5 male in a 3 pack.

I wish I was in the US … Dunno why but I can’t find anything similar in Europe, it’s only 2.5 -> 2.1 … :frowning:

I’ve just had a peek at your Amazon Belgium local site, it is a bit odd I agree. One would believe if 2.5 were so non standard for EU, there would be no adapter which included 2.5 to 2.1 … I’ll see if I can find any resource other than Amazon, but not positive if I’ll have any luck.

thank you ! Could be amazon de, nl or fr too but I had not much luck with these neither…