Angled connector for Elektron PSU

is this what you’ve already purchased? ships from China. I could also have a look at Aliexpress but it’s a bit of a rabbithole for finding something useful.

looks a bit similar (but there is no switch), it’s this one : Alimentation Dc Câble Adaptateur 5.5mm x 2.5mm Angle Droit 90° Convertisseur | eBay

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I’m also having poor luck with Amazon sites, don’t know why.

You can try this from Aliexpress. They probably ship to you, at worst it’s very cheap to try, and at best it’s also very cheap to try :smiley:

2pcs Dc Power Converter Plug 5.5x2.5mm Female Turn To 90 Degree 5.5x2.5mm Male Adapter Connector - Connectors - AliExpress


yeah these ones should work ! I think I’ll order a few :smiley: (but that’s for mid-June which is a bit late for my needs, so i’ll start with the adapters I already ordered while these are coming)


hope that helps then, should be good to stock up at the low price.

no problem, glad I could help.

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dunno what to think about these : Rockboard Power Ace Conl6 – Thomann België

Rockboard is a nice brand and it says this :

For powering effect units
Flat space saving design
2.1 x 5.5 mm Hollow plug socket on 2.5 x 5.5 mm hollow plug
Suitable for effect devices with 2.5 x 5.5 mm power supply socket

So 2.1 x 5.5 but suitable for “devices with 2.5x5.5 power supply socket”

I don’t think so. I have some angled daisy-chain cables for guitar pedals and they don’t fit the digis.

I believe their use of the language is just a bit confusing, they are using the terms “hollow plug socket” and “hollow plug”, then they go on to say suitable for “effect devices with 2.5 x 5.5 mm power supply socket” so the “2.1x5.5 hollow plug socket” fits the daisy chain (or other psu) with the 2.1x5.5, and the end which goes into the effects is the “2.5x5.5 hollow plug” which is then suitable for “effect devices with 2.5 x 5.5 mm power supply socket”.

I believe they make it unnecessarily complicated with the way it has been described, but I think that what I described makes sense - like this:

maybe I’m wrong? I don’t kow…

Yea looking at the close-up shots that would be my bet too! I didn’t realise there were any effects pedals that use 2.5mm tbh! I need that Talent Simulator pedal lol

These adapters would be really useful to use with a standard daisy chain cable and a 2.1mm power adapter👌

I’m not a big fan of the green though :see_no_evil: I have some Rockboard cables (right-angled stuff seems to be their bread and butter) and they’re high quality.

Frankly I just made a decision based on price and quantity, one of my daisy chains has 3 plugs so I figured to go with this one which comes with 3 for 8usd would be most cost effective.

it’s just the type that sleeves on over the tip.

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As I am a very impatient person (cables ordered from Ebay take too long to be delivered) and as I love wasting money buying cables that don’t fit my needs, I had placed an order for 4 of these cables (Rockboard). I received them this morning and I thought I was going to test them anyway and, big surprise, everything works!

I don’t see any problem with the connections; my boxes are powered correctly.

Here are they :

and what they say :

@shigginpit if u need some, found them at Thomann


How have these been proving so far?
Am about to pull the pin to buy four.

I am too also impatient and from recent experiences have noticed that most sellers on eBay disguise their location - and are mostly if not but all are in based in China. And that causes severe delays cause they’re slow and confused with never knowing how to dispatch correctly.

Looking to purchase locally here in Australia :australia: