Analog303 kit : ) (AND dual303-kit)


Your 303 patch is lush. Out of interest, how did you get on with the 101 patch?


The 101-patch never made any further devellopment; I tend to use it as a starting point for a lot of sounds. It’s hard for me to pinpoint a single trademark sound of the 101; it’s much more versatile than a 303.


Thanks for your 303 patch. I prefer to make my patch from scratch and I kept the Accent macro idea, and the Tri wav choice, which sounds better indeed. For the moment I keep full range for macros. I chose dotted envelopes, not sure it better.

I made a Perf controlling all tracks with same parameters, it can be interesting too, with several melodic parts and chords.
5 macros added :
a rdm lfo Depth for EnvF Depth
a rdm lfo Depth for EnvF Decay
Delay send/feedback
Reverb send/decay

With this Perf I tried with 3 tracks, the 1st for Osc, 2nd neighbor cascading filters, 3rd overdrive only.
More biting increasing overdrive of the 3 tracks but still not perfect.

The more I try, the more I want a good TB303 clone and something like the modular Acidlab M303 seems to be interesting with A4. Filters seems more wet and juicy.



Sorry for the late reply, aparently I overlooked yours…

First concerning the envelopes:
The dot in the envelope shapes indicates that it is a restarting envelope: It always starts from a value of 0. Not the most desirable for a 303-emulation if you ask me, for it makes ties sound differently: you will hear a slide, but in the mean time the note triggers again.

I am curious to hear your emulation, please do post .syx files!!!

Right now I’m experimenting with using an extra envelope to send to filt freq, with no dot and slow attack and a medium slow decay. This in trying to emulate the “stacking of accents” as described in Robin Whitttle’s excellent analysis of the sound behaviour of a 303, linked to in one of the posts above,

NabooMar 4
Finding this article an interesting read

The challenge in this is making this aux envelope only gets triggered in accents. I might have to look for another way of programming accents on A4 than usinging its inbuilt accent feature… When I get to a better emulation than I posted earlier, I will of course post another syx-file (with additional instructions on programming accents… if necessary).

Good luck, and above all keep enjoying playng with A4!!!


Anyone tried this one on an A4mkII yet?

Would be very interested to hear a sound example!


Mine MK2 is suppose to come in a few days, so I will give it a go.

Anyone else that has mk2 cares to do some holiday acid? :slight_smile:


I have the A4 mk1 and AR mk1.
I did this few days ago, the acid is done using the first voice into the second voice and cranking the overdrive in the second voice.




You know, the funny thing is that i thought your set sounded more like a 101 than a 303… :slight_smile:


Anyone done a comparison between the AR 303 emulation and the A4 ?


Happy 303_day! :grin:


Thanks! My birthday too!
I soldered a 100$ xox heart recently, A4 sequencing! I used Analog Drive as overdrive but A4’s (MKI) was good too.


gonna try this out, thx :wink: