Analog Rytm OS 1.45: bug discussion


This might not be a bug, but anyone knows what happened to the legacy fx box? Can’t find it through FN+ Sound?


Anyone find the legacy FX box?


It’s there for me…

Function + Sound -> Sound Settings -> Legacy FX Send


Ok cool, ill have to check again I guess!


I’ve had multiple freezes on my mkI, have never had that issue before. Hasn’t occurred live but the possibility of it happening is especially disconcerting as sometimes I’m exclusively using the rytm for live sets.


mk2 here.

this may not so much a bug but when setting up performance macros, Changing the filter type shows 0-127 like other parameters rather than scrolling thru the filter types, visually.
trying to know exactly which filter tyoe you’re on blind like that is tricky.

am I missing something? or is there a logic to the various filters locations within the 128 digits?


Rytm Mk 1 - is anybody successfully sending cc’s/nrpn using pad pressure with the new os?
I’m trying to setup ar pads to control a4 performance macros and I just can’t get it to work. Read all the threads I can find on here and spent hours trying all combos of midi settings I can think of but just wont work, so wondering if it’s a potential bug?


MK1 OS 1.45 - sends pressure / aftertouch CC’s fine over here


Cheers for the response. Out of interest where are you sending the cc’s? I’m assuming that the pad pressure is sent on that pads track channel or the auto channel depending on settings?


I’m not using them I can just see the CC’s show up in Ableton and my Xcode debug console. I have always used Track Channel output (not AUTO) and I use CC’s (not NRPN’s).


Ok thanks man thats really helpful. Sorry one last question if you dont mind. Do you know if pad dest and pressure dest both need to be set to int+ext for the cc’s to send. Pretty sure I tried this in all combos but…


Even when I set Pad Dest & Pressure Dest to INT or EXT I am still getting CC output over USB MIDI. I always use INT + EXT, normally.

Not sure what’s going on in your case :[


Cool cool cheers man thanks for this. Appreciate the help.


My AR MK1 had 3 freezes in mutemode today current firmware is 1.45. Sorry elektron but that really sucks! Its not possible to play live with that, please fix it!


youll probably want to do a backup and downgrade. Elektron is in no hurry to fix this buggy OS


I hope that Elektron is holding off on new product development until they get all of their existing machines working properly.


cue the ‘whats next for Elektron’ thread?


I’ve had mine freeze up, which has never happened before, so for that alone I would probably wait. The DVCO is super awesome though, sounds amazing, and super usefull for basslines, leads and all sorts of stuff, but if you are playing live often now I would probably wait just to be on the safe side. BTW it’s only available on the first 4 tracks, so maybe explore those synth engines a bit more for the time being for single osc duty, I recently noticed one of the bd engines to have a saw waveform…


Edit: to clarify for anyone reading this - this is the expected behaviour. Apparently because I’m trying to control an encoder with the pad, then encoder dest int + ext is the correct setting. Still seems weird to me.

I got this to work but not in the way I expected - it only works with encoder dest set to int+ext. I can turn pad and press dest to int and only have encoder dest set to ext and it will control my a4 macros - this seems weird to me…am I missing something, surely press dest should control this?


Hello buy used my analog rtym and update to 1.45 and it was blocked while the music was playing, did not answer any encoder, key or button, but the music kept sounding. It has happened to someone else.
I do not understand English well, but I think someone wrote this problem too, is that correct? Thank you.