Analog Rytm OS 1.45: bug discussion


I don’t gig with mine (yet) but I’ve been doing quite a bit of composing on it and haven’t once had anything I’d call a problem - including with the DVCOs, standard packs, lots of sysex I/O and sample handling, pattern chaining, external MIDI (in and out, sync and send, etc.). Nothing to complain about here.


Performance locks are relative parameters. This is normal behaviour because the value is added to the current value of the control. They’ll stop at the extremes of the actual control value if the combined value exceeds it. So if your sample slot is set to 127 and you want to play sample 0 set it to the max negative and you’ll hit it. If your sample slot is set to 64, then you can either take it up to the end or down to the beginning. That’s why it gives you full range in both directions. This is normal behaviour for performances. Scenes work differently - they are the actual parameter value set, not a relative change in parameter value.


I’ve been on 1.45 since it came out; played a gig last night and it went smoothly.


I haven’t updated mine to the newest OS yet. Currently my unit is running relatively smooth (other than a couple of bugs), and I’m worried that if I update the OS, it’s going to jack up my unit.


thanks guys, just installed and everything seems fine, just one setting: now when I try to change pattern (sequential mode) the screen flash the next pattern but the change never comes, silly question but can´t find the setting to make it change when I try to, anyone could please explain me how to make it change pattern as “normal”?


ok now I know it`s a bug with pattern changes on INF

workarounds??? got a gig soon :confused:


the only bug i’ve run into is the func+knob turn freezing where you have to switch param pages to ‘free’ the knob again.

used it live last week as the master clock for a table full of gear and it worked excellently.


My MK1 is freezing far more often now after 1.45, can’t pinpoint a cause or something that triggers it but seems to happen more when I’m on mute mode. Anyone else? FWIW, turning it of/on solves it.


When can we expect a bug fix update? Nothing official so far but bugs are all around the place.


ticket submitted for the pattern change issue, please guys anyone here have a workaround for this one?


stop followed by play?


Try changing ‘Direct Change’ setting so it set to ‘Direct Jump’


If its INF it doesn’t have an "end’ and therefore won’t change upon the end of the pattern…cause there is none. This is not a bug but how it works.
“Direct” options are your answers.


It’s a confirmed bug the CHNG parameter has no effect after 1.45 usually if you had INF you could put when you wanted the pat to change there now it doesn’t work… direct is a work around I suppose.


Ah. I see. My bad. Carry on.


Yeah, CHNG is broken. Direct jump is only possible workaround (for manual pattern change in live use situation) until its fixed. Unfortunately direct jump will make no difference if you have inf’ patterns in arranger mode.


the CHNG issue is a real problem for many of us playing live witht the AR, any idea of possible date for this fix??


I didn’t see this and opened a separate thread about it here:

I can open a ticket if you haven’t already.


Yeah. I have not made a ticket, so feel free :slight_smile:


I downgraded my AR MK1 this week end because of the CHNG issue … I couldn’t play my live performance without this, like a lot of people here I guess.

Everything is working well. Only one project do not have sample loaded in and assigned, this was the only project that I created under OS 1.45…