Analog Rytm OS 1.45: bug discussion


Has anyone noticed Function -> Track going straight to the Load project menu repeatedly?

I’ve absent-mindedly lost progress a few times because I think I’m saving only to find out that I’ve loaded a previous version.

Perhaps I’m doing something wrong? But I would expect that it goes first to the Global menu first before diving down into Project and Load instead of having Load pop up first (which, I’ve saved a few times since so it shouldn’t be cached or last in memory.)


discussed above, this functionality has previously existed in some form


How well is your dual vco in tune? I performed a calibration routine after 2hours of warming up, and now if i play lets say a saw wave with only one osc with tuning set to zero, my note is always aprox -12ct off tune.


Thanks for the patient explanation, noticing existing functionality after a new release is not uncommon for clients at my job as well :slight_smile:


FUNC + ENCODER BUG/Issue has been reported to the developers. so was my feedback to the ticket I created


Mk2, can anyone confirm, I’m using an expression pedal to the control input 1 (which, by the WAY, is AWESOME), but when changing patterns (modulation settings saved per kit) new parameters won’t load until you tweak them from the sound settings menu


It has to be said that elektron did seem to have changed the timing.
The way you (and electron at first) describe it it looks like nothing ever changed and the user is just doing it wrong.

Support told me the devs are notified of this timing issue.


I upgraded my Rytm last night and then created a fun track and saved the project. I turned the Rytm off and went to sleep. This morning I turned my Rytm on and only trigs with no parameter locks were firing. I discovered in the AMP page that any Vol parameter locks were now all locked to 0. Once I reset them it was fine. I haven’t been able to reproduce it again but I’ll keep an eye out.

Anyone seen something similar? I didn’t see any mention of it in this thread yet.


Good catch man, I’ve never noticed this behaviour before so I’m glad you were on it and not deterred by nay saying. Cheers!


Shout out to everyone bug testing!

I’m patiently waiting to update when the bug fix comes through. I get the feeling this update would cripple my work flow as it stands.


I’ve got a bug (MK1) where samples are not audible on track BT5. The synth engine works fine. And samples work on all the other tracks…
Arrghh what should I do?
Just to add if I load other projects then samples work fine on BT5, but when I switch it doesn’t work. And when I load other kits with samples a lot of synth tracks load up as DISABLE. Something very strange is going on.


Samples work fine on MK1 BT5 here…Is your Sample Level Up and SMP enabled on the Trig Page?


(MKI) Pattern change bug is HUGE. Seems as though it only happens when LEN is set to INF - no matter what you set CHG to, the pattern will not change. Hopefully this gets fixed asap, I have a gig coming up!


You’d better downgade the OS or start rehearsing pressing stop and play in rapid succession. We do not know when these bugs will be fixed.


Already don’t remember if this was a feature pre 1.45OS, but after update I can cycle twice through ranges of (x1 - x2k) on the LFO multiplier.

[x1, x2, x4, … ,x2k, x1, x2,x4…, x2k]


this regression bug is discussed above, it’s just a display issue


Try altering the ‘Direct Change’ setting to ‘Direct Start’. You will then be able to change your infinate patterns during your live set.

Infinate not gonna work in song/chain mode unfortunately. 'Tis a bit crap that ‘CHNG’ is broken.


Ahh the SMP was disabled on the trig page for some reason! cheers


Sync from AR MKI to an external device (PC) via USB seems broken.

Trying to use AR MKI as master, Live as slave with “EXT” ON.
Yes, “send clock” and “send transport” are ON.
A4 MKI (not updated) works perfectly with the same settings.

MidiOX receives no clock/transport from AR.


My unit is still heating up quite a bit even after the update :frowning: . I know Elektron say its normal that it heats up and I have other gear like the prophet 6 omitting heat. But this thing is still the hottest thing in my studio(no pun intended).