Analog Rytm OS 1.45: bug discussion


Man, this bug list is getting alarming large. Seriously hope they don’t run off on vacation before at least some get addressed.


Yeah, that seems to work the way you describe.

But if this is on purpose it kindof sucks! The timing for holding is way too short and i’m sure i will find myself in the wrong menu many times in the future.


firstly - it was like this before this release

secondly - Elektron have used this short-press / hold-press shortcut to add functionality for years, dating back at least to the A4, it’s quite intuitive and convenient


Well, not for me. :slight_smile:
The day before yesterday was the first time i’ve encountered this.

Are you on Mk.II by any chance?

Well, i personally don’t think it’s very convenient. I find the timing (how long you have to wait before the other function activates) is off. I now also need to check the screen to see if i’m in the right menu instead of navigating half blindly on instinct.

In fact, i think it generally isn’t very good UI design to hide things in this way as it makes the use more cryptic and less intuitive.


No, Mk1 - the shortcuts may be different on the MK2 as they have more dedicated buttons

as the saying goes, you can’t please all of the people all of the time, or something like that :wink: ! there are aspects of these devices we all find … not quite right


I didn’t notice it before this thread, but I can’t say it bothers me much.


That’s strange.
I’m on Mk.I as well.
I honestly never encountered these ‘hold for more options’ before.


It always have.


This is how it should work. The timer for holding down is just a bit quick. I have asked for an improvement.

Function + Track (Global) puts me in Load Project

Currently three regressions reported for seven new firmwares. One that I would call critical.

7 × OS Update

“Increased the number of LFO speed snap values.”

There are no(longer) 1, 2 and 4 snap values…
I’m not happy about this since I use those values a lot.
Please bring them back.


this is a shame


And which values you have now? (I didn’t upgrade yet)


8, 16 and so forth on both Digitone and AR.


yeh, confirmed

and also very annoying


I have a different error on AR… in that I still have all snap numbers - except there are now 2 sets of (x) multiples, rather than (x) and (.)

also… didnt they add the tuning fork multiple to AR at some point? or is that only on A4?


oh yeh, FUNC + knob is WAY FUCKED UP on like everything… sometimes it snaps only to full, sometimes only to none, sometimes only to mid point… sometimes not at all… its like this on almost every page

fuckin hell man… try some QA at some point guys… it can be helpful ya know


so exactly which parameters (if any) have suffered a regression in this regard, because afaicr there are not that many snap parameters on most parameters anyway, for sure, on some it’s an opportunity missed, but as far as “QA” is concerned, they’d only be testing things they actually changed

ps try keep it civil/welcoming in tone, it can be helpful ya know

only A4 !


not really dude… testing standard operating functions (that werent changed) is also part of the usual QA process when doing system-wide changes like OS upgrades etc.

especially something as common as FUNC + knob… considering how often people use this

at least it will show if its always happening, rarely happening, never happening… etc… for all i know these bugs may be sourced somewhere that results in different effects on each unit - who knows, but what I can say is that the bugs were noticed almost immediately after trying to resume normal operation - and the TYPICAL standardized QA procedure would easily reveal such things


ideally & good point, but your point is emphatically made after you declare that most of the Func+Enc settings are …

i’m just saying that bemoaning QA failings on the strength of that needs a bit more explaining; apart from the one acknowledged bug, which other specific Func+Enc checks failed the QA process … seeing as we are in a bugs discussion thread