Analog Rytm OS 1.45: bug discussion


Sorry :slight_smile: Mk I


Dang, me too. Haven’t updated yet.


Well, it may be good to wait a week or so and see if elektron releases a bug fix.


As the summer holiday season is upon us, I fear any bugfixes might be coming later than sooner… But lets hope they get here soon.


hi there,

first time posting (learned quite a lot here though) on a sad occasion.

i loved beeing able too predefine the muted pads w/ func (blue led) and save that future mute state by pressing tempo and have hands free controll till i press func again and release the mutes.

now thats gone.

i heavily relied on this funktion…teardrop

would be great if this could be fixed


Oh sheesh! Didn’t even realize this might get removed one day… Sad indeed. That one was always a fun trick to do live, breakdown, set the unmutes back and lock em, fingerdrum a few fills with the trig buttons and BOOM, func button to get back on track! I will miss having it…

EDIT: Confirmed, the mute state change cannot be ”locked” anymore. :sob:

EDIT2: IIRC there was also a second way to ”lock” the mute state change which involved pressing the perf or macro button while holding down the func with blue pads set. This is no longer working either! So now, unless one uses an external pad etc controller, there is no way to keep a mute state change held while manipulating macros, perfs or playing the pads for a more elaborate transition/buildup.


we wont get it back? all hope is gone?

where to sign up the petition, where to buy the forks.


These bugs seem really frustrating and pretty obvious stuff to test before pushing the stuff to public. I hope they release a fix in a few days and the talks about ‘summer holiday season’ surely is just a joke.


I’m the only one here saying anything about a summer holiday.

But I work in IT, where is a very common tactic to drop an update just before going on holidays, and letting the dust settle until people get back. It’s called ”betatesting in production” and sadly for the users, its a very common and popular startegy…

But since Iam just a user (with no official nor unofficial affiliations to elektron) and am speculating, there is no way that you can take this as a fact. Just saying, dont get your hopes up wrt a quick fix for these…


Haven’t they had DVCO ready for a while now and just pushed back for OB?


What I found:

Func + Track (quick press) always takes you to the Settings
Func + Track (hold) always takes you to project list

…so it could just be a workflow feature?


It’s not just DVCO that was added… Quite alot was done to the OS since the rytm mk II was released. Us mk I users never got our hands to all those builds until now… Who knows what new issues crept into it, or, what possible old issues resurfaced after the new builds… Code is a bitch and hard af


I’m on MKI myself and not willing to upgrade now if there are so many bugs. I felt they always said that it’s ready and only OB keeps them holding and that implies everything is ‘properly’ tested (cmon… that’s stuff like getting to GLOBAL settings).

IT or not IT, whatever sector you are I’m sure you never push for holidays to release ‘something’ as you would know it would be cruel to your product if it’s not ready and there’s noone to fix the bugs/issues while you are away.


wow. So you deny the existence of ”betatesting on a production build”? Your choice. I know it exists, and its a sad fact of life…


I don’t ‘deny’ it, I just hope that’s not how Elektron treats their products/users.

If that’s true I don’t see how such ‘releases’ before ‘holiday season’ work out well for the company and the users ever.


Well, like I said, I am only speculating here. But I personally wouldnt be surprised and do not trust elektron or any other company not to do it. Its sadistic and cruel but its industry practice.

Why do companies do it? Because they can. People allow it to happen. And its been going on for so long, most of us have already accepted it as something that we cannot change, so we just suck it up.


Let’s hope otherwise :slight_smile:


Agreed. I’ll shut up about this now. Besides, if these are the only bugs the current build has, we’re still pretty well off IMO. none of this stuff is showstopping. If there were bugs that would cause the machine to lock up, crash, freeze, or stuff like the DSP BOOT FAILURE on the digitone, we’d be much worse off.

I’m gonna get back to my DVCO experiments :nyan:


Fascinating, I can confirm that.


My MK1 crashed once while working with trig conditions.

Small graphic glitch happens when renaming samples. There is a “pen” icon in front of the few first letters.

When i used the dual vco on track 3, and then played a clap with track 4 (on a place where the dco was not playing) i get a loud click to the reverb send when the dual osc starts playing again after the clap. Clearly audible when there is alot of reveb on both channels.

Rytm Mk2 - click when using pads 3 and 4 and one is a DVCO