Analog Rytm mki and analog rytm mkii upgraders

Meh. I reckon, most I’ll do, is try to buy a used AK hoping for some market loss and I’ll get a larger A4mk2 with a joystick

Also, I don’t care for the AR. It’s got sampling now, and that’s pretty cool- but not enough to entice me

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No, they only say mk I projects can be opened with mk Ii, not the other way around. This kind of functionality was implied with OT mk II, but the same has yet to be confirmed by elektron wrt mk II analogs

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A4 MKII for me!

The MKII AR can wait. My MKI is the business now

iam totally in love with my mk1, thought about getting a digitakt to add to my rytm and op1 only set for resampling the possibilities.

Analog four btw. has never been so appealing. in real world there are a few who bought the A4, played with it and put it straight to the basket.

MK2 versions, for this time, are some kind of an answer to all this forum hassle.

itll sound exactly the friggen same mate.


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Sound the same as an AK(with its slight differences from the A4) this is the 2nd A4 upgrade offering in 5 years(right? 5 years?)

i got the ak and a4 and they sound the same to me :slight_smile:


I don’t mind my AR MK I…I got an MPD232 for my upgraded pad controller. Pretty soon I need to make a maschine studio template. I can deal with sample transfers. I like metering my recordings with my focusrite clarrett 8 pre and in sound forge instead of my sampler. If you get the sample recording done right the first time you neer think about it again. The synth engine on the MK I opens up possibilities. Most of the time I design a drum sound and record into soundforge so I can use it with my sample set in maschine or push 2.

The synth engine on my AK is good enough for me. If I need to go deeper I go inside my prophet 6 and put it in mono mode or just use the moog voyager. Did I meantion black elektron boxes are my favorite because secretly I’m a goth?


Nothing beats the MDUW to me- I can’t let it go.

I tried the AR briefly again for a couple weeks- sold it RIGHT in the knick of time apparently.

For similar sounds from the AR I might go in on the LXR- digital but has that sound that I dig more than the AR

The only thing I like with the A4mkII is the separate outs. OB seems like a pain to try to deal with for separate tracks

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Black trinity or nothing for me. Cant sell em so they come with me to the grave. Cant buy anything else, all money gone.


Sorry about your money, bro.

Blessing in disguise- an opportunity to find happiness with what you have(I’m a bad person to preach this the amount of gear I bought and sold this year alone…)

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hahaha well you did well, got out early.


Monday night the guy was talking about returning it- I would have been SCREWED!

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Im selling mine for 10 dollars let me know if you are interested


Be careful i will post the days of our lives video again.


Funnily i have only gas for old elektrons. Still want the md and Mnm. And the rytm1 to complete the dark trinity finally. I once thought I had it, but somebody screwed me on ebay. maybe i get another chance for a cheap rytm now… the mk2s are too expensive imo


I’ll give you 8 for it :smiley:

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Im still paying for the mk1 lol maybe in another 5 years i will think about getting one but as i said in another post what are the odds of a mk2 coming out so i may just wait for the mk3 :slight_smile:

The mki may get comparable OS updates like the mkii if the internal components are the same.