Analog Rytm MK1 or MK2?


I absolutely disagree


is the rytm mk1 pads ok? i dont know - should i buy mk1 or mk2. sampling is not needed for me…
thank you


the pads are perfectly fine for my needs


I’m always torn when it comes to AR but when it comes to the pads I have to agree that they’re the worst I’ve tried for finger drumming. Compared to the different versions of Maschine, this is nowhere near. For me, this is no issue at all since I don’t really use the AR for finger drumming purposes.

Of course, just my opinion :slight_smile:


I think its safe to say theyre controversial (they infuriate me) and that you should try them out for yourself if you can.

If you can’t, consider the worst in your purchasing decisions.

(Maybe some today a mod will come :crossed_fingers:)


Had an mk1, now have the mk2, and to me it seems that the bass response in mk2 is better, like it is better defined in the really low end.


Do the two versions share the same machines/synthesis capabilities? I just watched a walkthrough video of the different machines on the mk2 and im blown away.
I DO want the sampling capabilities, it is a big deal for me, but im also a poor little sod and to get that level of sound design and all out gloriousness for half the price i can deal with it.




Thank you! Do you own one Adam? Dis you ever get a 606 sounding snare out of it? :slight_smile:


You can get pretty close using the SD Natural machine.


And if you can’t: load a sample.


For the price and build quality (no bugs etc), I’d say go for the MK1. This is what I did, no regret at all :slight_smile:


Well, see here:


This thing about mk2 bugs starts to bother. I had the mk1, excellent value for money. If money is not a problem, the mk2 is the choice. The user interface is significantly improved, you can work faster and more comfortably. Screen and backlit buttons are a pleasure for the eyes. Encoders are so-so, more sensitive than the old ones, even too much in certain situations but you get used to it. The pads are greatly improved, I had no particular difficulties with those of the mk1 but the new ones are another story. There are some exclusive features in the mk2, not a game changer but absolutely convenient:
-fill button
-fix button for fixed velocity on the pads
-storage screen to check memory usage of the RAM and the +Drive
-sound settings shourtcut
-quick performance that allows you to use performances and scenes / mutes simultaneously
-separate banks buttons
-global setting button/quick save without stopping the sequencer
But of course sampling / resampling is the real reason to choose mk2, the possibilities for sound design are endless. You can sample kick, snare, rim and clap from bottom row, move them to the upper row and use tracks 1/4 for Dual VCO. You can create unique sound combining and equalizing different machines and resampling them, add a sample, resample, add noise, resample…
You can create sample chains directly inside the rytm, connect a mixer to the inputs and sample a voice, a guitar riff. There is no game :slight_smile:


I think if you use gear live, you want stability first.

No matter which features you got (promised), If it is overlayed by bugs causing notes to drop, the device getting laggy as hell, main integration features being unavailable (OB support for MK" only since a week or so) and last but not least it all does not benefit much if you device freezes frequently.

Or issues like this:

You can have a rolls roys - if it is not driving reliably, it is just deco, no matter of the other features.

BTW: What you write, anybody can read in a sales text for the Rytm MK2 online in many places. What we write here and everybody should be aware of before they buy, you can’t…


I’m sorry, I don’t know if I’m lucky, but mine doesn’t have a problem. I don’t want to warn anyone, I have a good experience and I recommend the mk2 for improvements.


I understand and that is a great experience, enjoy it.

Could you please check out with your stable device, if you get a somewhat stable sounding BT loop with these simple sounds and patterns, see here:

Would be very helpful, since this seems to be a huge difference between the MK1 and the MK2 - like it or not.

Anyone, who can test this on an mk2, it would be actually very helpful.

Before I bought the mk2 (and already knew the mk1 very well) I only found comments - as here - that they basically sound pretty much the same and only differ in features. Doesn’t seem so to me atm.

I can only hope that only my device is faulty, otherwise I can really ONLY recommend the MK1 if you want to ever program some (really nice crunchy sounding) steady bass lines with your rytm.

If that possibility has gone missing on the mk2… most disappointing.

So please help to clarify this with some tests. Thanks to all.