Analog Rytm MK1 or MK2?


Hey there!

I’ve stumbled upon a mint condition Rytm MK1 and I’m not sure if I should buy it. I’ve been looking out for one for a long time but now I’m in a dilemma. Should I buy this and save myself some money or just buy the new machine? Honestly, from the new features the sampling thing is all well and good but I wouldn’t buy the machine for sampling anyway so I’m not sure I’ll miss that. When it comes to the design itself I really prefer the first version plus I already have MK1 A4 so they will match perfectly. So what’s your advice?


AR MKI or MKII today?

get the mk1. it’s cheaper and if you don’t need the sampling. also it won’t potentially have any issues the mk2s seems to be experiencing


Mk1’s ride togetha & die togetha, black boxes 4 lyfe.


Get the MK1. The sampling function on MKII seems cool and all but it’s still just pitched 1 shots. Not worth it IMO.


The only thing that would make the mk2 worth it is the resampling - limited allotment of drum engines can kinda get lame- also all the cool engines are on the bottom 4 tracks/3voices


True. But for the money I’d rather resample with my computer and drop them back in with SDS. I’m only a year and a half into own a Rytm so maybe this will change but I’ve never had an issue getting a variety of sounds with the machines + sample stacking.


Plus I’m a firm believer in sample chains to make the most of it which seems out of the question with the internal sampling engine unless I’m missing something.


Also , If one uses the rytm with a computer ( not everyone, but many of us have it right next to the computer) you also have the possibility of transposing during resampling but maintaining the length of the sound, play with time stretching, eq, etc…
I would love to have a functional mk2, but due to all the bugs I think is better to have the mk1 and make use of all the possibilities that resampling through computer can offer


how do you make use of sample chains?


A few different ways. I make chains of like 20 kicks, snares, hats, etc. so I can maximize my sample slots. I also sample melodic elements so I have, for example, 2 octaves of A# chords or something like that. Vocals chops. You name it. Though since getting an OT MKII I’ve really let the Rytm shine with percussion more than anything.


Yeah, I really can’t imagine the workflow of internal resampling is really that much faster than cutting a sample on a computer and dropping it via USB if you are already using a computer in your workflow.


Buy it…


I think the quick performance mode on the new Rytm would be quite nice. I was often frustrated by the pressurised pads for performance, but being able to quickly control filter sweep on the box on all 12 tracks would be mint. If anything sampling would be a great way to create more voices, so to speak, or as a way to spread sounds from one voice to another where they wouldn’t ordinarily work (ie BD on CB). Isn’t there also the new Bassline machine? Did that get released yet?

If it’s only about money, get the MKI, but if I was buying the Rytm again I’d defintely get the MKII as I think all the features definitely add up. And who knows what comes to OB / Transfer for MKII vs MKI in future. Plus, technically, the RYTM MKI is discontinued.


New bass machine is going to be part of the OS update for both MKs.


we MK1-ers are getting ALL updates the Mk2 are so this shouldnt be part of the argument for the mk2


Apart from the likely to come sampling updates. I own a mk1 and enjoy it very much. But as soon as the nk2 will get more features regarding sampling eg slicing,… I may switch to mk2. Nevertheless mk1 is the cooler machine :slight_smile:


It will be interesting to see what additional benefits Overbridge will bring. Elektron advertise increased USB bandwidth for the MK2s. Depending what this means in reality, this could well influence the recommendation.


if you have osx you can use this LopoChainer - easy sample chains for OS X

Aside from sampling the perf knob on the mk2 is also very cool. That said im still 100% happy with my mk1. For value id say mk1, for longevity + better workflow id say mk2


To be honest, even though I have an MK2 now, I haven’t been able to let go of my MK1 :frowning: