Analog Rytm MK1 or MK2?


cool, im looking to pick one up soon and im trying to decide if I want the extra stuff but im still leaning to the mk1, i just like that classic look so much.


Exactly what I did. That’s @PomPomOne that sold me his RY, I thanks him every days


If I got one I’d get it straight from Elektron to make sure it was a from a recent hardware batch and not an early one shelved away at a retail outlet. For me I figure by the time I can afford to upgrade they’ll have sorted everything out, I do really like MK1 form factor though so not even really sure if I’ll do it…


I actually prefer the look of the mkII, and internal re-sampling feature is something I use often. One of my pads was being flaky in Mute mode when I first got it, but now for the past four days it has worked perfectly without any problem at all. Weird.


Tough decision for me too - but my eyesight is mot the best and the new screen is what got me to switch to the mk2… for both rytm and OT


Enjoying my Mark 1, but internal resampling is something I miss after coming from a Digitakt.
Not sure if the audio input has been boosted on the 2nd version, but mine could certainly benefit from more gain (and the ability to control it, at least a little).

Great box though :+1:t2:


Audio in is still pretty quiet on the Mk2, no improvements there unfortunately. The resampling is pretty wicked though. A nice way to get a temporary higher resolution for start/end points.


Pad 9 has been giving me trouble on and off in mute mode since owning my MkII. If I massage it it usually fixes it, or restart the unit. It will trigger if I hit any other pad hard, even pad 4. It’s annoying but not enough of an issue for me to have considered sending it out of country for repair. It’s upsetting because of what the thing costs but yeah, not enough of a problem. I’m worried if I sent it off they’d send it back with new problems, seeing as I haven’t experienced any other issues besides this one pad.


Just a general question to you all. Do you have other drum machines and how much do you like your Rytm? I’ve had mine for about a year and a half and I still feel like I’m trying to convince myself to like it. I mean it’s awesome, has great capabilities and everything, but I just don’t use it much. Compare that with the fact that I just bought an MPC Live and a Tanzbar 2 a couple months before that and they’re all I’ve been using. I never used the Rytm like this. Maybe it’s because of the steeper learning curve on the Rytm? I’ve got the Rytm pretty much figured out now though… Perhaps it’s because the Live has a totally different set of abilities so It’s in it’s own category. But then, the Tanzbar 2 I’ve loved it since I opened the box. It sounds amazing. Nothing from the Rytm blows me away like the Tanzbar does. The analog sounds from the Rytm, even with tons of tweaking, just don’t do much for me. I’d like to hear any and all opinions of those willing to comment on this. Thanks.


For me the main reason I adore it is just how dang good the workflow is. The drumpads + 16 step sequencer, with the ability to audition any trig including parameter locks, makes it a breeze to program complex patterns. In use it has the ease of use of the Digitakt, but with the extra functionality of the Analog series (parameter slides, kits, performance options, trig auditioning).

Additionally, the fact that it has both synthesis and samples under the hood makes the Rytm the most ‘all-in-one’ Elektron box.

I think if I were to use it as purely a ‘drum synth’ I’d be a lot more lukewarm on it. It’s got a few tasty machines (DVCO, silky, plastic) but I generally layer most sounds with samples.


Hm, my posts concerning my mk2 ringing like a bell are just gone without any trace… why?


It’s not gone, just moved:

You can always find your posts by checking your own profile … :wink:


I sold my Tanzbär (mk 1) to finance the Rytm. While the Tanzbär sounded utterly amazing (and stricktly speaking probably better on its own than the Rytm, I think) I got fed up with the limited sequencer and the very few options for for modulation - I was basically being spoiled by my other Elektrons and wanted an analog drum machine with the same kind of fun I was used to from the MD - advanced sequencer, internal FX, modulations galore. (Still have the MD - they compliment each other perfectly!)

I do agree that the machines in the Rytm not always does sound that interesting on their own, but with a bit of tweaking and laying, you can make wonderful sounds - and the workflow is perfect for me, it so fun making both sounds and beats on it! (It’s a bit like the A4 - I found it a bit dull to begin with, but now it’s almost my favorite synth.)

You can always find room for improvements: It could do with more LFOs and more machines etc. etc. but basically I love my Rytm as much as I love my other Elektrons. :slight_smile:

Oh, and to stay on the topic: It’s a MK2, and I have not had any problems with it yet!


Duplicated(no thanks) in two topics and essentially off-topic here :thup:


Where are you located? I’m in the US, and I had assumed I would need to ship it out of the country too, but Elektron has an authorized repair tech in California. Plus they sent me a pre-paid shipping label, so it cost me nothing. I sent mine in a few weeks ago.

I think the Mute mode pad issue is a combination of both physical and software issues - pad construction/design tolerances, but also with the way the software reads the pad input. My pad #4 had intermittent Mute issues like yours. Whenever it was having the problem, I also noticed that even the slightest brush of pad 4 would mute it. Other pads didn’t behave that way, and sometime when the issue went away pad 4 would be back to normal too. So I think something underneath was actually resting on the pressure sensor.

As you say, sometimes massaging the pad can fix it. That seems like it will move whatever is underneath back into the position it is supposed to be in.

I emailed Elektron suggesting that maybe it could be fixed in software too. If the slightest amount of pressure data input mutes a pad, that makes the problem worse. I suggested that they could change the software so that it takes a higher pressure value to actually trigger the mute. If the scale is 127, just make it something like a minimum value of 30 or 40 is needed to mute…somehow filter out the smaller values that are being accidentally sent. If this is possible within the software, I think it would fix the issue for everyone without having to replace any physical parts.

Elektron’s replies mentioned nothing about my suggestions at all. They just said “send it in for repair”. I doubt whoever was handling my RMA case even passed the suggestion to their development department, but oh well. I sent it in for repair because it was free.


Wow, I was living in San Diego for 3 years until last October, I should’ve contacted them! But I’m in Virginia now so it shouldn’t be too bad of a wait if I sent it in. Seems like we’re having the same issue though. I think you’re right about the problem being related to hardware and software. I may have to email them!


Okay, now I got an answer from support and I would like to comment this also here, since it IS an mk1 vs. mk2 issue after all:

If you heard, the pads of the mk2 are better for finger drumming BEWARE: the mk2s casings are easily resonating and start to ring like a bell after you just gently release a button. Of course it just gets stronger, when you hammer the pads. It is layering over any sound you produce and can be very annoying (of course only while finger drumming).

So forget about enjoyable finger drumming on the mk2 too. And besides that, the mk1 sounds just the same.


That’s strange, mine does not do that. Maybe there are screws on yours that need to be tightened or something like that.


No it s the springs in the buttons. It immediately jumped at me when i got my mk2. It doesn t bother me anymore now though. I think any sounds coming from my speakers are louder anyway.


buy the mk1 if you don’t need sampling !