Analog Keys - New LCD Screen

Hi All,
I opened mine up yesterday to upgrade the screen to something a little nicer. The old screen was getting hard to see and was starting to fade a little around the edges. The AK is very well designed internally and very easy to open up. You have to be careful lifting the base out as there are ribbon cables connecting between components.
De-soldering the old screen is a bit involved and time consuming, all I could focus on was not damaging the existing PCB pads with the de-soldering process. With a little careful help from my screw driver, the old LCD came out eventually and I was very relieved when it did. For someone with experience this is not a difficult thing to do, definitely not something to attempt by the in-experienced.

PS: I am a new user here so could only load up 1 photo, I do have many more pics of the inside of the AK if anyone is interested.


I’d like to see more pictures. My screen is getting really faded too. Looks great.

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I’d like to see more pics too and know the LCD screen reference please :wink:

Here is a link to the LCD screen;

Looks like they are sold out though.


I can still only upload 1 pic at a time…

This photo is of the main board with the old screen still attached;


There are 3 connections at the base of the AK that need to be disconnected.
Power supply plug;


Thank you :+1:

This is the ribbon cable on the right with the AK upside down;


Ribbon cable in the middle, once all the back panel screws are out, the back panel and key bed are totally loose so you need to be careful;


Ribbon cable from main board to keyboard, this one need some care, disconnect the keyboard side;


Would you say it is better then the stock screen when new?

It’s been a while but I’m sure this is better. The original screen was quite underwhelming. One thing though, this screen isn’t perfectly black like the advert said but it’s far darker and offers better contrast than the stock screen.

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Looks blue in the picture.

Seeing how accessible the keyboard springs are, do you think they’d be easy to change?
Or, are those the sequencer button springs???

I didn’t stop to think, I saw springs and assumed that they were for the keys, not sure…actually they must be for the keys.

So the situation is that my machine is putting out too much backlight, not sure why, its definitely a black screen. I will need to put in a 2-3k resistor on either the ground or +5v and that should fix it. It is still far better than the old screen, I am seeing new symbols, numbers and icons on the screen I never noticed before!

Screen off, definitely a black screen.

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@analog are you satisfied with the new screen on your Keys?

My eyes are lusting for a MkII only because of the screen :slight_smile:
A better deal would be to change the screen, since I prefer the keyboard version.

Would you recommend this screen? Is it hard to install?

Yes, very happy with, I know someone with the original screen, its almost completely faded now. The install is not hard if you have the right tools, knowledge and experience. The hardest thing is removing the original LCD, there are many solder points to remove, I used a solder vacuum (solder sucker) This was essential I think. The install itself just requires soldering experience and a low heat and good solder. Although the new screen is amazing, If I installed a resistor pot I could have dialled in the brightness, its too late though once its soldered down.
As for a MKII, if it were 8 voices then it would be a no brainer purchase.

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Hi. Can you advise where you’d soldered the pot connects and what Ω should be?
I’m thinking about changing my AnalogRytm screen.