Analog Keys Feature Requests

You can’t just add more hardware with a firmware update…

I would like to request, from the mixer mode, to be able to adjust the pans of the voices using the second row of knobs.,



Also, key-tracking LFOs for CV outs, and he ability to modulate LFO speed with other LFO, or EG

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Ah man, there goes my plans for many modular style wibbly patches! :frowning: EG to LFO speed is essential!

Shortcut to ‘latch’ joystick position on AK would be nice.

Poss ‘assign performance knob settings to joystick’ option might be cool/time-saver too?

The AK has some scope with the extra UI vs A4 for Elektron to dig in a little harder than they have. Shame to see it not being made the most of compared to their usual thoroughness/rinsing the UI for all possibilities…

For example they could for have had a bank/s of joystick configs for OT scene kind of functionality. And that setting up could have been as quick as setting OT scenes - hold joystick in a postition and tweak parameters, hold joystick in another position and tweak parameters etc. Then play and use joystick like OT fader for finding sweet spots in between those positions.

Also great would be ‘patch morph’ via joystick… Kinda like Sunrizer on ipad. Transition between defined patches A + B (possibly even also C + D using all four directions?) using the joystick…

Also ‘randomise settings’ for performance knobs and joystick? Not sure if this is already on there in some way, but if it isn’t, an option like this might be useful for finding some weird sounds/transitions. Setting up performance knobs can be pretty tedious sometimes…


It’s been almost a year since we got any new features for Analog Four/Keys. I wonder if they have finished developing it further and focus on other products?

yep, randomizing performance settings on all elektron boxes would be appreciated. I tend not to use the performance sections as setting them up bores the hell out of me. that’s why I like machinedrum so much, it’s just “grab n go” :slight_smile:


Shortcuts to access Mod Wheel/Pitch Bend/Breath/Velocity/Aftertouch settings.
Performance control settings also need quick shortcuts instead of always entering Performance Edit mode, select Configuration then press a performance knob.

To be honest I find two wasted dedicated buttons: Track and Pattern. They don’t have useful menu. I never use those. Their functionality should have been hidden into the main menu system instead of the above complex features which are used frequently.

The ideas you got for the joystick functions are genious!

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I’d like to add my voice to those asking for micro tuning and user scales.

What about Multimap for microtuning and user scales ?

I’d like more Multi Map per project, so more Global Slots (128 for ex), and the ability to midi recall them.

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There’s a shortcut to Sound settings if you press Function+any of the synth pages. Then you can reach the modulation settings a bit easier

‘crinkled/wonky tape’ LFO shapes…

Can be ballache to dial this kind of thing in sometimes. Some shapes with this kind of thing intentionally in mind would be super useful/fast. I don’t fully know what’s actually possible with LFO tho, is it theoretically possibly to have one do this kind of shape (flat then fluctuate then flat, with different ‘peak’ length shapes/options etc to chose from)?

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Too long a thread to see if this already appears above.

I often work by creating a note sequence and then looking for a good sound to start tweaking.

I know that I can go through sounds and change to then with fn+yes. What would be great for this workflow would be to be able to turn the know and it automatically switch to the new preset while a pattern is playing.

Reloading the kit is a very nice function, especially when playing live.
What about reloading the sound of just a single track? That would be extremally handy in the situation when you tweaked to the perfection all the sounds, but one which you overtweaked.


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Many thanks, it works. I don’t know how it happened that I omitted this. Now I’m ashamed :wink:

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Submitted this to but thought I’d add it here too:

Lowest Note Priority

Use case: When sending a chord via Midi to the AK or when playing one on the keys while using a monophonic sound, the Lowest Note should be prioritised to act like the bass note of the chord. At the moment the default and only behaviour is Last Note Priority, which due to the serial nature of Midi means it works as Highest Note Priority when sending a sequenced chord; or through the slight timing errors when playing chords manually on the keys an almost random note is selected.

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First, thank very much for your good work.
I am a proud owner of an analog key and I am happy with it.
I know that it is discontinued product, but may be, if updates are still planned…I have a wish.
It’s about polyphony.
As a keyboard player, my expectations are a little specifics I guess.
I play in a duo band synths/drums.
There, I mostly play basses on the analog key and and I like to create basses sound by additionning basse sounds from many synths played together.
Analog key can do that because each track is a monophonic synthetiser.
But polyphony setup allows this only when unisson mode is active, so each track becomes monophonic.
So my request would be that you create another polyphony mode when “use track sound” option is checked that allows to allocate a number of voice per track, so some tracks wouldn’t be mono.

Example 1:
Track 01: 2 voices —> we can play track one synth as a duo phonic synth
Track 02: 1 voice —> 1 monophonic synth added to the sound
Track 03: 1 voice —> 1 monophonic synth added to the sound
Track 04: 0 voice —> no more voice so this track is muted

Example 2:
Track 01: 2 voices —> we can play track 01 synth as a duophonic synth
Track 02: 2 voices —> One duophonic synth added to the sound
Track 03: 0 voice —> no more voice so this track is muted
Track 04: 0 voice —> no more voice so this track is muted

This option would allow users to play by one hand rich massive sound with some polyphony.
And it would so great.
Thank you for reading me.

Eric P (France)