Analog Heat


Did you (or does anyone else) end up getting two analog heats?

I’m REALLY into mine, but I find myself wanting to use different types of distortion on my A4 vs. the OT. I think using two would be fun, but I"m also wondering if they end up clashing. Would really like to hear examples of two heats.


The artist “Headless Horseman” was rocking two heats, if I’m not mistaken(could be more, actually)

YouTube it.


Thanks. I was only able to find things that show he likes the heat :slight_smile: but nothing about multiple ones :confused:


If you want two, get two.


I can’t imagine why two different distortions necessarily would sound badly together – you hear this often in all sorts of recorded music. Could you put two things together that would sound badly together – you hear this often in all sorts of recorded music.


I would say, just like any other mixing, the frequency bands are what could clash. Good thing the Heat has EQ. Go for it!


dataline uses 2 heats in some of his previous demos as well


if i could afford it, i would totally get two - one for enhancing and one for destroying, simple.

and then when you want two things rough, you’ve got two boxes


Two would be really cool for DJing as well! :diddly:


Just digging into Heat, can see how two would be great fun (and useful). Any vid recommendations of live use?


Hi William
where do you have the Heat exactly in the chain of a live set?

for the moment I have the heat on the send/return fx, of a a&h xone42 mixer,
thank you for explaining…:smiley_cat:
kind regards,



it really depends about what you need to achieve with the Analog HEAT. it can be used in so many ways… And regarding what exactly you trying to process with it, the routing and place in the chain will vary… Also sometimes you need to try before or after a certain configuration to hear what’s sounds better… Also the HEAT is a chain in its own right ( DRIVE > CIRCUIT > DIRT > Multimode FILTER > EQ )

With all crazy Modulations capabilities on top of that and how much scenario can be covered by the HEAT ? making hard to reply without a precise context.

When I use it as a master effect chain it’s between my Master Output from my Mixing Desk and the PA system. So I can shape Extreme and then coming back to a more soft processing (exactly like a New York Compression or Parallel Compression)

When I use it creatively it can be track processing, Bus Processing, a Module in a Modulation Processing…
I never use it in Ableton Live as a Send-Return instead create Audio Tracks and make an Audio Bus myself so I can Resample the Processed Signal more easily.

Hope that helps a bit.


Hello William thank you for your reply :smiley: for a live set i want it to use to shape and boost the sound of the 3 elektrons coming together, i tried it to chain between the master out of my mixer and the amplifier, but than the recorded sound was without any :heat: :slightly_frowning_face: because it was out of the chain. …
That said i love the magic of the heat,


Does your mixer have send FXs you can plug into? Maybe try that

Not to say you don’t know about that- I just discovered it not too long ago-so in case it’s not just me that notion eludes


Plug the aux out on your mixer to the input of the heat. Connect the output of heat to a stereo input on your mixer. That mixer channel is the effected audio. If you want to hear only the effected audio you will need to find out if your mixer “sends” the signal to the aux out before or after the channel fader attentuates it.


Thank you :thup: :happy:


Man, I suddenly want an Analog Heat super bad.


It’d be really cool if the AH got a minor face-lift to give it buttons, and an OLED display like the DN/DT.

Maybe make a new version with 4 input, and the ability to mix 2 stereo signals? :muscle:


This thins is nuts. In love!


I got my Heat a little over a month ago, it’s my first Elektron box & I love it more & more every day. When it first came out I wasn’t impressed, didn’t think it was for me. Every demo I watched the box is pushed hard, distortion to the max. I actually like it more subtly (sometimes I push it hard, but rarely). Anyways, Cuckoo’s demos & Dataline’s showed me it’s potential. It still sounds better in person of course :o) I thought about it for months, had a hard time pulling the trigger due to the cost. When I got it I had buyers remorse (only on day 1). I guess I was expecting miracles for the price of it. But the more I play with it, the more I love it.
Even though I only use vinyl samples & hardware synths & mainly make boom bap type beats (I make other stuff too), I’m really picky about my “dirty” sounds & distortion. Heat can make things sound dirty in the best way (for my ears). It makes drum breaks sound absolutely amazing. & I love the filter. I love the eq. I love everything about it (haven’t tried Overbridge yet tho). Very happy I got it & don’t plan on ever selling it. It makes everything sound better (again… to my ears).