Analog Heat


I just got my AH today, and after just making a few variations of the “Magnetic Master” preset, and listening to some of my Digitone beats transformed, I’m definitely in love. The Digitone, and this beautiful box are making me very happy right now. Can’t believe it took me so long to finally get one.


Hehe, I agree with you @Prints: lately this has been my combo as well! Digitone covers so much ground and Analog Heat offers such a wide flexibility to treat the output, I haven’t felt the need to use anything else in impro sessions with my mate @RubbishTC.

Well, an Eventide Space maybe, although DN reverb is really gorgeous: I just love to drown the sound in reverb sometimes…

But yeah, DN + AH is beautiful !


Happy to hear you are digging the heat! Its one of those pieces that you kinda forget about after a while, but caanot live without IMO. You start to take having one for grated, in the best possible way. You dont hype it you just use it lol


This thing is amusing. All of a sudden, all my music sounds like crap if it is not on :joy:


I think I’ll use AH for subtle duties, maybe combined with 2 Analog Drive for high gain distortions. (Oto Boum too, waiting for more demos).
I have already 1 AD, sound really different !

Even with 100% Drive, not enough gain for me with AH.
But with filters, envelopes and lfo it can be very good. Not for high gain distortion.


Damn mine absolutely scorches everything if I dare use it on High Gain with the drive maxed out (including my ears). I have never used it past enhancement really. That’s also because I use it on the master and not on aux but still. And I wholeheartedly agree with the comments that you quickly take it for granted but oh the agony when it’s off. Like the El Capistan and Space; it’s just one of those things that’s always on you know ?


I just say AH is not the best in high gain heavy dirty distortion. Easy comparison with guitar stomp boxes and AD of course.

For me it’s like there’s a limiter before drive or elsewhere, which would make sense for Overbridge levels.


I had it on the master and made a A/B between no Heat and Heat in Not active. I used the alt Out on my mackie mixer to do it instantly.

The sound becoumes definatly thinner when I run it through the non active heat. :frowning:

That dissapointed me, and i felt honestly a bit fooled. Of course when I do the A/B between Heat Active and Heat Non Active it is signifficant. But when I compare it to no Heat at all in point of enhancement, thickness and livelyness (not really diatortion), its not doin SO much as it seems when i deactivate the Heat.

So I returned it after i was totally impressed first. It seemd an illusion.


Interesting finding. Glad you did it.

So then would you say the Heat suffers from “tonesuck”?


Its just when you compare it with the Active on/off button it seems to do more then it really does because its not a clean through when inactive but thinning out the sound.


Wow. That is very suprising. Well have to see it for myself.

So basically one wouldn’t want to leave it on their master unless they plan to be using it always active?


@Psilophil were you using balanced or unbalanced? Also did you ensure that levels were matched between the direct sound and heat inactive?


Did you invert A and B too for tests ?
(In case if Mackie’s circuits are different)


Analog Heat has unbalanced inputs & outputs which could make a difference if you’re running balanced otherwise.


Two things and and just totally curious cause this is such a suprising claim:

  • Are you guys asking because your findings are different?

  • I was under the impression that un/balanced didn’t matter except over long distances…


I feel a bit of a fool to keep giving this response repeatedly but one has to level match using the volume parameter on the second amp page to get the heat to behave the right way. This is especially important if you are trying to a/b the raw(i.e. no heat involved)and the bypassed signal.

Edit: correction note, volume in THE amp page😀


I recently got mine, and slapped it on the master, but it didn’t strike me as sounding much different when the AH is bypassed to how it sounded without the AH. I haven’t done any rigorous testing though.

I’m asking because I want to make sure the claims against the AH are qualified. I’m an “innocent until proven guilty” type of guy.


I matched the volumes, did not do a test the other way around in case that the mackie circuits are different (for that the thinning out was really to obvious too). Balanced/unbalanced shouldnt do the diffrence here too.

In the Heat i configured the input levels, but dont remember the settings on the second AMP page. Wondering if this does so much difference in soundcaracter of the bypassed heatsignal ? But possibly thats the point.

Maybe someone can doublecheck…


Does anybody have direct experience between AH and a Mutator? I normally have the Mutator strapped on the end of my monomachine which is a not so portable solution so looking for a live friendly alternative. - currently just using some drive saturation from a moogerfooger but would be good to have some stereo filter in there


I’ve found it depends on the source. Sometimes you turn it up sometimes you turn it down. I adjust it while activating/bypassing with the wet/dry all the way dry on an init patch until levels are even and proceed with heat mangling.