Analog Heat


testing by who?


Our beta testers (and our team) are testing Overbridge for Heat (and Sierra, Windows 10.1 compatibility)
So far it looks very promising. Sorry for the long wait, but I think it will be worth it!


I might have helped her find it a little bit :wink:


This is what I like to hear. Thank you for the quick heads up Simon.


Perhaps what you saw was an Abstrakt Avalon sitting beside the :heat: in the swirling mist of your dream state. :content:


Does it provide support “only” for AH, or will the other gears also get something new? :slight_smile:


Not sure what you mean exactly, but Overbridge will be compatible with OS X 10.12 / Windows 10.1 when using any of the machines. No added features to the firmwares however.


That’s the answer :smiley: Thanks. However I’m interested in how you have integrated AH into Overbridge. That’s really an interesting device :slight_smile:
(I just wish you implemented Reason Rack Extensions version of Overbridge as well :slight_smile: )


Hi Simon, will OB ever be compatible with Pro Tools?


Will there be any Christmas promotion on the :heat: ?


i think they are out of stock (just like a4 and ar)


Both of these have been out forever. Why weren’t they tested in advance of the Heat’s release?


He said they didn’t update the firmware, that’s all. Since Overbridge is just getting a compatibility software update for the AR and A4, probably not necessary.


I mean both Mac OS Sierra and Windows 10.1, not the AR and A4


AAX support?


I think I smell burning…


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is there any chance the Heat could become usable as an audio interface for iPad with a firmware update? I’m skeptic about it, but it would be really great


OB for da :heat: is ready :ecstatic:

Time for weekend :thup:


Has any body used this in addition to the other OB units? Maybe Dataline was talking about this in that video. But recording the A4/AK separate tracked with RYTM and then OB-ing the Heat as a bus send effect? Does that work alright?