Analog Heat


Well it sounds awesome without :slight_smile: But yes, it can’t drop any sooner for me.


What’s the consensus on the Heat? Worth the bucks or a one trick pony?


I’ve only had a few hours on the extreme settings and not used it with my other Elektron gear due to not wanting to rewire everything because of OB. But it makes my Reon Driftbox sound like a portal to hell.


Thanks. Really not sure if it will be better than my soundtoys … toys :slight_smile:


Haven’t heard the Heat but my opinion is if you are working ITB it’s not worth it as so many good options available anyway e.g. Soundtoys
If OTB great option to process external gear.


Anyone in Canada managed to snag an AH yet?


Yes, this is my thinking too. … And yet. Have never been so on the fence about a piece of gear before.


got to use the heat in a live setting this past weekend. i was very impressed with the heat in the studio, on the master bus. on a big system really loud it sounded friggin amazing too. twice in the show i got crazy with the distortion and filters… it was awesome, but mostly just used my static preset. anyway, i’d say the heat is great, im just dying to get it on channels in a DAW situation. i feel like during tracking is where the heat will really be able to change the game. tweaking for each sound and bouncing them down… not patiently waiting.


Had a brief go on a friend’s AH. Half hour session. Confirmed my guesswork on it. Great unit for live/OTB/hands on. Probably going to grab one next year for those reasons. Don’t think I’ll use it via overbridge though when I’m mixing etc. None of the sounds I got really blew me away compared to plugins and id probably rather just use it on the way in to Daw. Post-tracking I’ll still use plugins for the convenience/flexibility/multiple instance. Maybe that’s just me being lazy/impatient in mixing situation though… I tend to have sessions with 40+ tracks. If I was writing more minimal stuff I guess I might feel different.


Does it have any edge soundwise over something like Fabfilter Saturn?


Didn’t A/B but didn’t feel necessarily ‘better’ in little time I had, possibly ‘different’ tho. When I grab one and have it in home environment it’ll be easier to compare.


Arrrrrrgh, why no 3mm holes? Only just realised and I been out to buy a bracket to plonk it in to my setup :frowning:


i had a dream last night the AH was a bassline box, as well as all the other functions. and i was like maaaan im in ! it sounded huge… haha


it indeed is…


Me too… The more i use it the more i want to use it anywhere hahaha and now OB missing a lot to me
Rather to plug, record, unplug - plug, record, agaiiiiiinnnnnn


There was an Elektron tweet yesterday saying it was “nigh”, whatever that means in their lingo.


very close to be ready (i google translate it) = Nigh


I got an early xmas present from my wife…the Valhalla DSP plugin suite! So now I can’t wait for OB, the new sounds will be crazy!


She not choose for you… isn’t it ? she now Valhalla DSP ?? if yes that’s chance you have, she’s in the music too ? :slight_smile:


The beta is out for testing now. I know that much.