Analog Heat


Just try to forget about it and it will drop one day.


I’m just waiting on them to drop Analog Cool so I can end the world with Fire & Ice


Lol that would probably be idea for the programming gurus at Elektron, but to me Overbridge is their biggest selling point and I’m quite sure more potential/owners are awaiting the update. Please don’t misconstrue my initial comment as a complaint, but rather a genuine request for transparency!


I am kind of annoyed the OB update isn’t out yet when it clearly works as Cenk demoed it on the Sonicstate vid. I am assuming the holdup has more to do with the MAC OS Sierra compatibility as it was said they were tying these releases in together.


Interesting… I am going to checkout that video again. I must’ve missed that detail as I skimmed through. Conversely, the Overbridge concept is a good idea that other hardware effect/processing manufacturers should adopt. Imagine connecting a Chandler Limited TG Microphone Cassette or even a Warm WA76 with an Overbridge technology! You can remain in the box and get an out of the box sound without having to plug in 1/4 inch cables! I think that will be the next step for analog summing within the box. What do you think? I never thought about it like this until I read someone’s post in an Analog Heat discussion on Gear Slutz… it makes sense.


Yep, waiting to buy it until OB is out and confirmed to work as that’s the only way I’ll use it in my setup. A year or so ago I probably would’ve pulled the trigger by now, but I’ve seen enough of Elektron’s OB related delays and lack of response to inquires on timelines to know that it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that it may not be ready for ages. Hoping that’s not the case, but it is possible despite claims of “very soon”.


This. I can’t factor in OB or the ability to use the AH as a sound card if it isn’t there. People can get excited for all types of ideas/possibilities as much as they want I guess. I prefer knowing solid timelines.


The magic of video. :smiley_cat:


C’mon man, you KNOW it’s ready!


It wasn’t said in the video, but was mentioned by an Elektron employee on here a while back


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Got my AH last saturday despite being not that excited about it initially, but indeed this thing sounds great and is a lot of fun to play around with. It would be great to get some heads up regarding OB availability, though. Anyone else lurking here expecting it to drop today? If my memory serves me right, in the past some software updates were released on Fridays, right?


I would love that, but doubt it immensely.


yes, a status update would be helpfull. Im just waiting for OB before upgrading to sierra, its the last software on my mac that does not support the new macOS and keeps me from updateing.


I updated to Sierra last weekend, overbridge is working fine for me. I followed the suggestions on the other Sierra re running terminal commands. No problems with sierra otherwise (yet), actually seems to have sorted out a couple of issues I was having with other software.


I tried ob on a second system I have with sierra running, but I had no luck, even with the hacks suggested in that forum topic. So Ill wait until its official.


It’s worth mentioning that iZotope’s Trash 2 distortion/filter plug is on sale for $30 (or less…shop around) for a few more days. Maybe not quite the same as the AH, but it’s cheap and might hold the Heat owners over until OB works, or it might convince some of the benefit of an analog distortion/filter/compression device…


Hey all, 2 hours from buying one. I know overbridge doesnt work for it but is it still usable as a soundcard? I wont be able to use it unless I can use it as one as its initially just for my new laptop. Cheers!


Nope, without Overbridge no soundcard functionality.


I got the call a few minutes ago that my Analog Heat has shipped today.

I’m excited but REALLY want that Overbridge update to land now. Hopefully with Sierra capability too. I was kind of surprised that the Heat won’t work as a sound card until that drops. The GUI in the Sonic State video looked great.